Marianopolis World Review - Part 3
There are two sides to every story.

Congress Weekly

Join-A-Club-Day 2: Congress Weekly – January 15th 2021


Written by Si Wen ShenEdited by Bhromor Rahman The Winter semester is now in session and consequently, Congress meetings are back on the agenda! This week was marked by club-related discussions as Join a club day draws near, but what is this? Could it …

Archive of a Shut-In

Blend S: S is for shenanigans


Written by Ze Yuan Fu, BEng. Comp Eng, McGill Faculty of EngineeringEdited by Bhromor Rahman, MWR Editor-in-Chief Smile! Sweet! Sister! Sadistic! Surprise! Service! We are Stile! If you are already familiar with these lyrics, good. If not (and even if you are), allow me …


Ze Yuan Fu: Welcome to Wall Street!


Written by Ze Yuan Fu, BEng. Comp Eng, McGill University Faculty of Engineering Edited by Bhromor Rahman, MWR Editor-in-chief Editor’s note: Ze Yuan Fu is not a certified fiduciary and cannot be held responsible for any losses the reader may incur should they invest …