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Opposition Pieces

Opposition: Cancel Culture


A disservice to public figures everywhere By Sydney Goldstein We were raised upon the premise that everyone makes mistakes and that, as humans, they are fundamental to our growth. It appears as though society has decided that mistakes, no matter how big or small, …

Opposition Pieces

Canadian Beef


Canada’s Sacred Cow Written by MWR writer Aaron Gao Maxime Bernier, the MP who narrowly lost the leadership race to Andrew Scheer, quit the Conservatives in late August over supply management and some controversial tweets dividing the party. Months earlier, Donald Trump was threatening …

Opposition Pieces

Fashion or Fury?


Trudeau’s trip to India: Appropriation or Appreciation? A Diplomatic Success Written by MWR writer Elizabeth Hua Justin Trudeau’s first state visit to India captured the media’s attention with flashy scarves and dazzling jewelry. Despite heavy criticism, Trudeau’s attire was not offensive, but rather displayed …

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Trudeau or Trudon’t?


The Case For (or Against) Our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau: Activist and Visionary Written by MWR Writer Elizabeth Hua Politics is the breeding ground of corruption – a blatant reflection of mistrust, self-servitude, and attempted morality in justice and law. Justin Trudeau stood apart …