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The Costly Lesson of History


He who tells you that one must celebrate war, is either one of two things: joking or simply psychotic. Humans over the ages, have developed this ideology where we feel the ultimate urge to take up arms and pay seldom attention to reason, to …

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The Stress Cost Fallacy


It seems that with each new level of education we reach, we are told that the worse is still to come. The transition from High School to CEGEP was about becoming independent, bringing about a brand-new set of challenges and responsibilities. The transition from …

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How to One-Up Harvard


People love to speak about success and the tumultuous pathway leading up to it. I was talking with a friend about Model United Nations and prestigious scholarships and I mentioned the fact that I would love to attend Harvard. His response was simple: “And …

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Doubts and Panic Attacks


It’s undoubtedly easy to see over exaggeration in the face of someone who is struggling, even when that is the furthest assumption from the truth. Clearly, these occurrences happen daily. Specific topics relating back to sore spots and personal experiences are always subject to …

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Suicide Prevention


In the context of the last day of Mental Health Awareness week at the College, I wanted to discuss something quite serious and potentially help someone out there dealing with these types of issues. Some 2nd year students may know that I gave a …