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The Global Rise of the Far-Right and its Impact in Canada


Written by Cagri Arslan Edited by Tahira Akbar and Huanan Liao Anyone who does not live under a rock would have noticed a rise in right-wing populism and isolationism in many western democracies. From anti-immigrant groups in Germany and France to Donald Trump’s apparent …


Ze Yuan Fu: Welcome to Wall Street!


Written by Ze Yuan Fu, BEng. Comp Eng, McGill University Faculty of Engineering Edited by Bhromor Rahman, MWR Editor-in-chief Editor’s note: Ze Yuan Fu is not a certified fiduciary and cannot be held responsible for any losses the reader may incur should they invest …


Huanan Liao: Illuminati CONFIRMED!


Written by Huanan LiaoEdited by Daniel Yu The global contextSince COVID-19 first appeared in early January, it has been spreading across the globe and wreaking havoc in numerous communities unabated. Now the global pandemic has already claimed more than a million human lives, infected …