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Author: Si Wen Shen

Si Wen ''Shiya'' Shen is MWR's Editor of MariNews emeritus. During her mandate, she was also the President of the Literature club that covers everything anime and manga. She pioneered the successful Archive of a Shut-In column and is a certified BL expert. Si Wen is a generally cultured person who knows a lot about arts, music, history, literature and sciences. She could win at Jeopardy!

Congress Weekly

REFERENDUM, BAGA AND GRADUATION: Congress Weekly – April 23rd 2021


Written by Si Wen ShenEdited by Bhromor Rahman Interview with WayneThe interview with Wayne will be delayed, but Trudy and Adam will also be featured in the video! Look forward to it! Wellness KitZhaoran has brought forward the idea of providing Wellness Kits that …