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Written by Si Wen Shen
Edited by Bhromor Rahman

Zoom Zoom
The Charities & Volunteering Committee is organizing a Centraide charity run in collaboration with various CEGEPs, including Brébeuf and John Abbott! Track your running miles with Strava and find a sponsor (maybe a relative or a friend) to donate to a charity according to the distance you ran. You can use these Strava miles for your fitness classes too!

Please sign up to the event by the end of this week. More information can be found on the Helping Students Help Others Facebook page and on Instagram @zoomzoomcentraide. 

Knit the Cold Away 
Allison and Anne gave a short update about the Knit the Cold Away project. Talented students came together to  knit and donate 50 items to the Welcome Mission Hall. Winter may be over (doubts and looks at the snow outside), but they will surely benefit those in need of them, perhaps at a later date.

Student Volunteer Interpreters Updates
Allison is happy to announce that her volunteering program, Student Volunteer Interpreters, is expanding to other organizations and shelters like Chez Doris and the Welcome Hall Mission. So far, the initiative has been very successful in helping allophones and health care providers at the Jewish General Hospital. SVI will be recruiting for new student volunteers this summer, so be on the lookout!

Wellness Boxes
As the Wellness Boxes are ready, MIOs with an Eventbrite link will be sent to all those who ordered one. Similar to the Welcome Back Event last semester, students can reserve different times and days to come on campus to pick up their Wellness Box.

Les Impatients
Les Impatients art workshops have started at the end of March, and feedback from the students who participate has been very positive. The animators are very professional, and as the organization is affiliated with hospitals, the sanitary measures are immaculate. Students that participated have found it nice to talk and interact with people in person again. Congress is currently considering if it will be possible to continue with these workshops next year as well. 

Academic Integrity Campaign
As a part of the Academic Integrity Campaign, 1 of 3 different boba gift cards can be chosen by the winner. Fill in the form of the campaign, posted on the MSU’s Facebook page, to gain an entry. 

Student-led Workshops
Zhaoran proposes to organize some workshops led by students who would like to make use of their expertise in any discipline. A form will be made for students who would like to lead such a workshop to sign up. After deciding the number of workshops to be given, another form will be released for participants to sign up. 

College Committees Looking for New Members
The administration will be appointing 2 new department chairs. There will be two meetings on the week of April 26th to discuss the matter and they would like to have a student on the Chair Review committee for each meeting. Congress members will be attending the meetings. 

The Director General plans to create a Student Space Task Force, which will be tasked with inspecting student space on campus, perhaps see room for improvement. They would like to have two representatives from Congress  and ideally at least one being a first year student, as this will affect them the most. The description of the goal of the task force seemed a bit vague, so Congress will be making a decision after receiving more information.

The college has come up with some ideas for the graduation, such as having individual graduation dates per program. Of course, these are only suggestions right now and nothing has been decided yet. The form on Facebook got almost 100 responses, and students’ opinions and ideas will be reviewed. Perhaps a graduation gift from the school would be a good idea as well.

For last year’s students who, unfortunately, graduated without a ceremony, the College is contacting the previous MSU President and Vice-President to organize the missed graduation, though it will likely be separate from this year’s. 

Next Town Hall
Congress plans to have a last Town Hall after final exams, before the end of the mandate of the second year members. It will be very important and beneficial for the first year students, as it will impact their next year at Marianopolis.

Canva Premium

Congress is currently working to get an institutional level Canva Premium so students will be able to use it for free. They will need one professor to act as the liaison with Canva and who will be “distributing” the accounts.

General Assembly/Referendum
Congress would like to have the referendum on Omnivox as it is the best way to reach all the students, but the administration has not agreed to do so, as it will “send mixed messages”. Misha found it strange, as they had even opened the polls on Omnivox for the climate strike last year, so she tried to argue, but to no avail. Congress has released an open letter on Facebook, hoping that future referendums can be held on Omnivox.

Baichao’s Article
Last week, an opinion piece by Baichao Chen (aka the one and only Egg Chungus) was released, detailing the upcoming general assembly as well as certain aspects of Congress. However, certain members of Congress have asked for future pieces, both news and opinion, to be fact-checked, pointing out that some points in Baichao’s article are “misinformation”. At the MWR, we absolutely do not condone any censoring of the students’ voices, especially not on opinion pieces, since doing so would be contradictory to our values of transparency and accountability. As we have previously stated in our joint statement with Congress, “we are not affiliated with Congress, we are an independent third party with an amicable relationship with the student government. We believe that criticism is a necessary component to the advancement of society, and that it is the individual’s responsibility and interest to be fair, honest and civil in their criticisms.” Even then, Misha states that she is glad that someone is bringing up these issues to Congress and that they will work tirelessly to resolve them.

Si Wen Shen

Si Wen ''Shiya'' Shen is MWR's Editor emeritus of MariNews and one of the most important student journalists of our generation. She covered critical and controversial events that unfolded in the Student Union under her mandate. She was also the President of the Literature club which involved everything anime and pioneered the successful Archive-of-a-Shut-in column. She is currently a 1L Law student at Université de Montréal Faculté de Droit.

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