Congress Weekly


Written by Tahira Akbar
Edited by Bhromor Rahman

The Director General has been in contact with Congress and will be attending a Congress meeting soon, probably on the 26th of February. Congress reminds MSU that their office hours have been posted on the Marianopolis Student Union Facebook group under the announcements section. 

Intercollegiate League of Legends tournament 
Pratham discussed the upcoming League of Legends tournament in which colleges such as John Abbott will participate. In this intercollegiate tournament, the brackets will feature four teams per college, with the winning team receiving $400. This event will most likely take place during a weekend in March break. 

Wellness box
As Tristan organized the wellness boxes, he informed members of what would be included. Everything in the box will be local or/and ethically made, and Congress is trying to support small local businesses. The boxes will include a mug, a bath bomb, a wellness journal, tea and a candle. Since they are under budget, Tristan is looking to add more items, including ethically made lip balm and maybe a clay mask. The boxes also include stickers that were taken out to be individually purchased for $2! All profits will go to the Centre pour les victimes d’agression sexuelle de Montréal (CVASM). Finally, the boxes will include fair trade awareness pamphlets and QR codes for mental health playlists. 

Yena also brought up that Cascade has been in touch with the Oxfam club regarding the possibility of providing customized boxes for the wellness boxes. This would make the boxes sustainable, as everything in them is locally and ethically made, or the companies where items were purchased follow an ethical index or are environmentally aware. 

MSU merch 
Misha is excited that the MSU merchandise will be officially launched on Monday. Crewnecks designed by Darren Tao will be available on the MSU website, as well as the wellness boxes. She discussed advertising for the merch on Facebook as well as Instagram starting this weekend.

She informed Congress that the sweatshirts might take about a month to get ready after which she will have to organize the orders. Pickup will most likely be on campus, but Misha and Trudy will be looking into how that can be achieved safely, especially with the ever-changing rules in the province.

Additionally, Misha also talked about the possibility of raising the price of MSU hoodies. . The cost of the sweatshirts are originally $23 and some cents, but it was rounded to $25 to cover upfront costs.  However, Misha also suggested rounding them up to $30, so the additional five dollars can go towards the wellness boxes. Many members of Congress were opposed to this, including Emanuel, who voiced his opinion, saying that it would seem unfair to charge an extra $5 for sweatshirts if the people paying for it will not be buying a wellness box. 

Tristan also added that the wellness boxes are currently under budget and do not require any additional costs. Additional money would go toward making more boxes rather than adding more items to the boxes.

Zhaoran is currently planning two virtual activities for students to participate in.

The first is a Valentine’s Day Q&A on the Congress Instagram stories. The questions would be things like your best date, your worst date, your dream date, etc. There would also be prizes drawn for students who participated.

Her second idea was to have students anonymously give secret confessions and have the confessions posted. However, the MUHC club is already doing a similar activity. Pratham proposed collaborating with the club, which the rest of Congress agreed to.

Mau also mentioned that in previous years there was an event called the Dating, Mating and Relating Fair, which was interesting and informative on things such as sex-ed, self-love, and consent. She suggested Congress do something similar by posting informative posts on social media. Trudy suggested doing so in March, as the College is already planning to do similar workshops soon. 

MCSA X Cultural Affairs Dating Show

Speaking of Valentine’s day, Yu Zheng reminded everyone that she is collaborating with MCSA for the annual Dating Show happening this Saturday February 12th at 8PM! To top off this year’s special edition, a Lunar New Year Kahoot will be hosted by the Cultural Affairs Committee. To add to the festive spirit, red packets as prizes will be gifted to the lucky winners. It is an event that you do not want to miss!

MSU Survey 
Congress reviewed the results of the survey that took place weeks ago by students and were pleased to see that many students took part (almost 1400 students participated), and were interested to hear their opinions.

They learned that the majority of students who answered knew about Congress, and viewed the MSU Facebook and Instagram pages. With the information they learned from the survey, Congress took note that  many students feel isolated and suffer from a lack of community. The surveyees are also open to the idea of having more on-campus activities. Emanuel supports organizing on-campus activities but is shocked considering that there are many vocal students on Facebook who are against the idea, which he assumed were the majority. 

The survey results also raised concerns from Pratham. He argued for perhaps gaining direct access to Omnivox, as many students want to attend events and activities, but don’t understand how to. Many also want a place to meet with friends and to relax, vyt are unaware of the virtual chill room on Teams. Trudy informed him that they can voice their concerns to the administration but Omnivox is meant to focus mostly on academic purposes. At this, Thomas mentioned that he is waiting for news from the college, as the administration said they can perhaps create a ‘‘Community’’ portal on Omnivox for Congress.

Networking program
Pratham spoke about an upcoming networking program that he is planning, that includes local professionals from different fields, such as medicine, law, music and more who can hold workshops for students to attend who can ask them questions and learn. He also suggested having multiple big ticket items for prizes as an incentive for students to attend, and suggested a budget of $500-$600, which baffled the other members. Emanuel clarified that having big prizes is an excellent idea, but having a budget that big for one event is not reasonable, especially since there will be other events. 

Trudy also recommended hosting this event at a later date, as the College is already having similar seminars for students with guest lawyers. 

Anne and her team have finished writing 2 letters addressed to the Minister for the Environment at both the Provincial (Mr. Charette) and Federal (hon. Wilkinson) governments. They demand that both ministers actively put a stop to the industrial fossil fuel extraction project GNL Québec Gazoduq, proposed by an American company. The project is both economically unsound and extremely destructive for the local environment of Quebec, particularly regarding the protected marine habitats of beluga whales and other endangered species that will be compromised by the passage of LNG tankers. Anne and her committee will start promoting both letters in order to garner signatures from CEGEP students all over the province, as well as from faculty and staff members. To stay informed, follow the project’s social media:@non_a_gnl_gazoduq.

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