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BACK TO SCHOOL EDITION: Congress Weekly – August 10th, 2020

Written by Si Wen Shen
Edited by Bhromor Rahman

Last stretch before school! Congress brought us some more recent updates about school activities.

MariMeet this year will be somewhat different. There have been questions of whether students would want to come to school multiple times for the various events, as well as questions of whether MariMeet is actually relevant at this time of the year, since classes are online and students won’t necessarily be meeting in real life. Some members have proposed to merge MariMeet with the Welcome Back Event, or to postpone it until school goes back on campus. In the end, it was decided to still hold MariMeet, but on a slightly smaller scale with a more casual atmosphere. By the time you see this article, MariMeet will most likely be over.

Administration Q&A
Administration is very glad to continue the Q&A sessions.

COVID-19 Measures
Measures against COVID-19 that will be taken at Marianopolis are ultimately decided by the administration. After extensive discussions, it seems that getting testing kits on campus will not be feasible. Congress will inquire about the details and offer a statement to the students. If there are any requests amongst the student body, Congress will also bring them up to the administration. 

Grant Reabsorption
For information about Club grants and grant reabsorption, please refer to the post that was made in Facebook Group Mari Club Execs 2020-2021 by Emanuel Curto. There will be no grants given before the Club Planning Session, as clubs theoretically aren’t active till then. 

Election Week
The dates that were decided for Fall Elections are as follows:
September 7th – 11th: Campaign
September 12th-13th: Vote
September 16th: Results
September 19th-20th: The Retreat

Everything will be online, though the debates may happen on campus, where they will be streamed live online for students to watch. 

Moose Camp will likely be on the weekend of September 26th-27th. 

Club applications are now available on the Hub. Returning clubs and new clubs will have to submit an application. As there have been questions of promoting clubs during Congress events, we have a slight clarification. As clubs are not officially active until Join a Club Day, they cannot openly organize any activities to promote themselves during events such as the Welcome Back Event. However, execs and members are allowed to wear their “club gear” (i.e. hoodies, t-shirts and other merchandise) to these events, but ONLY if said club has already applied and been approved by Student Services.

Editor’s note: School is about to start and it will be a semester unlike any other, but on the behalf of the entire MWR staff, we are excited to see you all again and ready to grind along!

Si Wen Shen

Si Wen ''Shiya'' Shen is MWR's Editor emeritus of MariNews and one of the most important student journalists of our generation. She covered critical and controversial events that unfolded in the Student Union under her mandate. She was also the President of the Literature club which involved everything anime and pioneered the successful Archive-of-a-Shut-in column. She is currently a 1L Law student at Université de Montréal Faculté de Droit.

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