Congress Weekly

Congress Weekly – May 8, 2020

Written by Patrick Samaha
Edited by Alicia Shen

Hello Marianopolis,

Congress held this meeting in the presence of our student life animator, Trudy Ste-Croix, to discuss some exciting activities, one of which is the student life awards. Trudy mentioned that this invite will honour students and club executives for their engagement in enhancing the student experience at Marianopolis. This ceremony event might be held virtually towards the end of June or postponed until August.

Congress also pointed out the success and great positive feedback of the Poetry Night that was organized and led by Darya Jabbari, the Coordinator of Social Justice, on Facebook. This event included multiple students presenting their own songs, poetry or even their musical talents.

President Aria Khiabani went over the update that was posted on Omnivox to guide students in preparing for final exams. He also mentioned that summer classes information and registration will be soon posted for students.

In addition to that, Laurence Liang, the Coordinator of External Affairs, discussed and encouraged students to use the app Strava, a social-fitness network that primarily tracks cycling and running exercises. It also offers the opportunities to share one’s track record with friends.

Finally, Congress is working on answering all students concerns submitted on the Google Form.

Stay safe!

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