Congress Weekly

Congress Weekly – April 17, 2020

Written by Sarah Malik
Edited by Abigail Wolfensohn

Good morning MSU! At this week’s Congress meeting, members discussed some fun
new initiatives for students to take advantage of while at home. Different weekly quarantine
challenges are being posted on Facebook for students to take part in and enjoy. The best part
of these challenges is not just the fun of the game itself, but also the promise of a prize at the
end if you win. Quarantine challenges aren’t the only new initiatives Congress is putting into
place to make online school more fun: they have also started to livestream movies on Facebook
for people to join and watch as a group.

These fun initiatives aside, elections week has started and it’s time to vote for your
favorite candidates! It’s hard to decide with so many different people trying to get elected, but
checking the Marianopolis Facebook page for endorsements will help out when making a
decision. If you don’t personally know the candidates or didn’t have the chance to interact with
them at school, endorsements are a great way to have a personalized glimpse at each
candidate. Omnivox polls have opened, so take advantage while you still can.

Congress addressed some other issues during the meeting. Firstly, students have been
having difficulty understanding the recent Omnivox document that explains how to drop courses;
there is some confusion surrounding whether you will be penalized for dropping the course, as
well as whether or not you will have to retake it. To answer this: no, you won’t be penalized if
you drop a course, but you will have to retake the course. Lastly, a recent notice has been
posted by the Ministry of Education discussing how there will no longer be an R-score for this
semester. This is fantastic news for people struggling with distance education, but it still means
you should pass your classes.

Have a nice week, Marianopolis.

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