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Congress Weekly – October 18, 2019

Written by Gabriel-Teodor Beldea
Edited by Jasmine Akrivos

Hello my fellow Marianopolis students,

The Library Basement Committee was formed during the meeting. Composed of two artistically talented students from both the science and social science programs, the committee will help with designing this part of the library.  The library wishes to incorporate the different perspectives of the Marianopolis student body.

On Tuesday October 22nd, Congress organized and held an incredible General assembly with FREE PIZZA. Hopefully, you were able to attend this entertaining event. Furthermore, a cultural week event is coming soon to the MSU! On October 25th, Marianopolis students are invited to an intercollegiate Halloween party with Dawson and with College LaSalle.

Concerning last year’s end of year party, the prices of the tickets were lowered after some students had already bought them at regular price. Congress is considering reimbursing these students by cheque if you’re still studying at Marianopolis or at a Montreal University. If you’re studying abroad, you will ideally be reimbursed by eTransfer. Congress is also considering the purchase of an alcohol license for the next MSU party.

Soon, an Academic Council will be held by a member of Congress and student representatives. The three student representatives attended their first Academic Council meeting last week. The office hours for Congress members will be posted next week.

Congress is also planning to organize a poetry night held at Shaika Café. Just get on the stage, sing or read your poem and enjoy an incredible night with fellow students. In addition, to improve stress management, a self-love workshop is going to be organised by the Social Justice committee either at the end of this semester or during the next one.

Last but not least, our incredible Coordinator of Student Advocacy, Michael Chalkhoun, is planning to develop an Instagram account that will post videos, pictures, and stories of current events, fun things, and club activities happening at Mari. The goal of the platform will be focused on media content that is enjoyable to watch. More information to come!

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