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Congress Weekly – October 11, 2019

Written by Patrick Samaha

Edited by Antonia Kleineidam

Greetings, Marianopolis!

This Friday, Congress held a meeting in the presence of our student life animator Trudy Ste-Croix to discuss some exciting activities that are going to be held this semester. Be prepared to mark your calendars!
Your Coordinator of Charities and Volunteering, Cherry Ying, and the Charities and Volunteering Committee have organized a Dare to Wear event for teachers on Thursday, October 31st! This is a Halloween event for teachers, faculty, and staff alike to take part in a great initiative to raise money for a charity. A few weeks prior to the event, the teacher chooses a certain amount of money they would like to fundraise and, over the next few weeks, encourages their students to donate. If the goal is reached, we can dare participating teachers to wear a funny costume on Halloween. Therefore, do not forget to nominate the teachers you would like to see wearing a costume on the MSU’s Facebook post!
A second idea proposed by the Coordinator of Charities and Volunteering is to organize a horror movie screening on Tuesday, October 29th, during the week of Halloween. This event could take place during Activity Period. Students would be able to buy snacks and popcorn as a fundraiser for the Native Women’s Shelter.
Furthermore, on Tuesday, October 22nd, Marianopolis clubs will have the opportunity to organize booths with creative fundraising and Halloween-themed activities.
On another note, Michael Chalkhoun, Coordinator of Student Advocacy, also suggested the creation of a school sweater for all Marianopolis students, which should increase the sense of community between them.
Hope you enjoyed the long weekend and stay tuned for MariNews’s next Congress Weekly!

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