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Congress Weekly – September 6, 2019

Written by Louis Yoon
Edited by Etsub Yifru

Return of the Candidates

All of the electoral candidates who ran for a first-year position were once again invited to attend the weekly Congress meeting on September 6th. This was their second opportunity to experience a full length meeting and observe how the MSU Congress makes its decisions as representatives of the student body. Eight of the ten candidates attended the meeting: Herrinah Zhang, Zhaoran Wu, Sherry Yang, Laurence Liang, Mahmuda Sekendra Mahin, Bhromor Rahman, Nakissa Barin and Jeannie Zhang.

Club Executive Cheat Sheet

Vice-President of Administrative Affairs Zhi Ying Ge has compiled a universal cheat sheet for club executives that summarizes all of the things they need to know in order to fulfill their mandate as club executives. This cheat sheet will be made available on the official MSU Congress website.

The Technology Committee

Although it was abolished last year at the constitutional review, the technology committee was brought back this year to work towards creating an improved version of the MSU app. One of the functions that was added this year is a direct connection to the Facebook events on the official MSU Facebook group. This means that all events created on the Facebook group will directly be transferred onto the app, thus allowing those who don’t have Facebook to stay updated with upcoming events.

The Major Plan Survey

The Major Plan is an insurance plan that may potentially be offered to all Marianopolis students. A survey will be posted on Omnivox shortly to determine whether this is something that Marianopolis students actually want. The insurance company may also come in to set up a booth during AP to explain to students the value behind this service.

Congress Visibility

Congress is working towards solving the issue of visibility. A lot of students don’t know much about Congress nor know where to find their office. In order to resolve this issue, Congress is planning on making a sign that will make their office more visible to students. They will also be pushing for more non-Facebook advertising such as creating physical posters, putting in place a large calendar outside their office, and collaborating with the newly formed Marianopolis Broadcast Network (MBN) to create informative and promotional videos.

The Congress Retreat

The Congress Retreat will be taking place next week. This is an important team-building event for Congress members especially since it will ensure that the first year members feel more accepted and comfortable within the group. During the retreat, the newly appointed and elected first-year members will learn more about their mandate and brainstorm ideas for the first semester. This will ensure that the MSU Congress starts off strong so that they can effectively represent the student body for the upcoming year.

The General Assembly

The General Assembly (GA) will be happening on September 19th during AP. This will be the first time in a while that the MSU Congress opens up its constitution for amendments at the beginning of the school year as opposed to at the end. It is an important event since students will be able to vote on changes to the operational structure of Congress.

The Food Services Committee

The Food Services Committee is choosing new Congress members to fill in the spots that were left empty after last year’s members left. The committee was formed under the leadership of former president David Cao in order to negotiate with the cafeteria and the administration concerning issues such as composting and cafeteria prices. On the committee, Social Justice Coordinator Darya Jabbari is currently working towards allowing students to bring their own containers to the cafeteria for food instead of using the cardboard ones of the cafeteria in order to reduce waste.

Committee Applications

Committee applications will be open to the student body within a few weeks. In order to apply, students must send in a letter of intent and their schedule. Those that pass the initial screening process will be granted an interview.

Available Committees:

  • Charities and Volunteering: Consists of supporting the Coordinator of Charities and Volunteering and organizing activities and events (e.g. Leucan Fundraiser, Pink Cotton Candy for Cancer Research);
  • Cultural Affairs: Consists of supporting the Coordinator of Cultural Affairs and organizing activities and events (e.g. International Food Festival, Fashion Show);
  • Social Activities: Consists of supporting the Coordinator of Social Activities and organizing events (e.g. End of semester party, free food events, 4873);
  • Social Justice: Consists of supporting the Coordinator of Social Justice and organizing activities (e.g. Open-Mic Poetry Nights, Women’s Month Celebration);
  • Yearbook: Consists of supporting the Coordinator of Communications, gathering photographs of student life throughout the year, and designing the yearbook;
  • Technology: Consists of supporting the Coordinator of Communications and developing the MSU app and website;
  • Financial Policy: Consists of supporting the Vice-President of Finance and dividing part of the MSU budget amongst all of the clubs;
  • Student Advocacy: Consists of supporting the Coordinator of Student Advocacy, negotiating with the college, and working on the IPESA;
  • Constitutional Review: Consists of supporting the President and the Coordinator of Student Advocacy, reviewing constitution amendments before the General Assembly, and ensuring that all of the language is clear and accurate.


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