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Congress Weekly – February 1

Written by Yigu Zhou

Reviewed by Behraz Rezaie

Last Friday’s Congress meeting was held in the company of Trudy Ste-Croix, our lovely Student Life Animator. Congress members brought in updates on the launching of MariEats, as well as the upcoming Vagina Monologues.

A new addition to MariEats discounts is Pendelli’s pizza NDG. The MariEats app offers students affordable meals in restaurants located around the campus. The percentage discounts for meals are determined by the restaurant and may vary from 10% to 30%. Up to now, students’ experience with MariEats has shown that it is indeed functional. Congress is still working on the authentication process to ensure that the service stays exclusive to Marianopolis students.

The Vagina Monologues, hosted by Vice-President Meghan Couture and Coordinator of Social Justice Elizabeth Hua, will take place on February 21 in the evening in the Student Lounge. The Vagina Monologues takes form of a performance with student actors reading monologues off a script that quite literally center on the feminine sexual experiences. The basic idea is to share stories, break taboos, and open up discussions. Application for the College’s reproduction of the Vagina Monologue has already been sent out. MSU is currently recruiting students interested to get involved.

Food Service Advisors will be holding a meeting next week to resolve students’ concerns about the College’s food service. A letter with recommendations for improvements drafted by Meghan Couture, Vice-President and Jerry Zhu, Coordinator of External Affairs has been sent out. On top of getting across some main issues regarding the price and the food quality, the Congress is expecting to bring in healthier, vegan and eventually gluten-free options.

Shaina Fleury from StudentCare has contacted MSU in order to offer Marianopolis students Health and dental insurance as well as mental health resources and access to special projects. The organization has collaborated with student associations across the province. The informational meeting with MSU and Ms. Fleury is yet to come. Given that the college tuition already includes insurance that each student benefits from, a brief statistical review of the students’ situations and needs shall be carried out beforehand.

The first draft of the Agreement between College and Union is produced by Aria Khiabani, Coordinator of Internal Affairs. The Agreement is a document centered on finance, inventory control and collaboration of MSU with the College. The next Congress meeting would be a voting session within Congress after which the revised and approved final copy of the Agreement shall be presented and signed by the College director general and director of student association as well as the MSU president and vice-president.

For the Carnival Show, Marianopolis alumnus magician/mentalist/hypnotist, Spidey, has contacted Trudy with a discounted offer to perform at the College. MSU is still in the price evaluation process. Regardless, Congress members are working their way to fund activities that could interest as many students as possible.

Last but not least, Student Services ordered granola bars to be distributed to every single student in the upcoming days.

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