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Congress weekly – September 7

Greetings MSU,

This week’s Congress meeting was very pleasant! Congress welcomed the six first-year members who are all enthusiastic to begin their mandates. Starting off with introductions first, the meeting proceeded with a brief explanation from President David Cao about Congress meetings. David will soon be releasing information about the committees for Cultural affairs and Charities & Volunteering; each committee can host 2-5 people, depending on the choice of our coordinators. Congress also appointed David Cao to represent the student body in the Cafeteria Committee and Elizabeth Hua to sit on the Anti-Harassment Education Committee – both due to their experience and knowledge in the subjects.

Congress members leave on a weekend retreat up North right after the meeting. Unfortunately, due to sickness, their Advisor, Trudy Ste-Croix, could not make it. They plan to have fun team bonding activities, delicious meals, a studying time, and a productivity session during which they brainstorm new initiatives for the MSU. Ultimately, discussions on retreat food took up most of this week’s meeting. Thomas Braun, our VP of Finance, seemed to be strongly in favor of making pizza on the first evening. “Pizza-making is a great team builder. It’s honestly been a sort of communal activity with my friends”, says Thomas. Si Ming suggested sushi, however some have argued that it takes too much time and preparation. They will also be having other goodies like pancakes and spaghetti.

Aside from their exciting congress team-building event, Thomas mentioned Nimbus Tutoring, a service originating from McGill, which serves as a connection between students and tutors that are “suitable for them”; it’s like Uber, but for tutoring. However, many members, including Thomas, have voiced concerns about the usefulness of such a program. MSU would not support this service, especially since it costs money and would disrupt the school’s peer-tutoring service, which is already very efficient. The idea is struck down after a unanimous vote.

Here are the six new members of congress:

Jerry Zhu – External Affairs
Sophie Cao – Charities & Volunteering
Wenhan Hu – Cultural Affairs
Aria Khiabani – Internal Affairs
Ying Chen – Administrative Assistant
Louis Yoon – Member at Large

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