Congress Weekly, Marianopolis News

Congress Weekly – August 31

Written by Ricky Liu

Edited by Behraz Rezaie

Greetings MSU!

This week, every Congress member was present at the meeting to discuss a few key topics. First of all, Congress members were very proud of all the candidates interviewed for first-year appointed positions. They are very excited to announce the newly appointed members starting next week! Furthermore, our Coordinator of Student Advocacy, Si Ming Lin, and VP of Finance, Thomas Braun, have conducted interviews to engage two non-Congress members for their committees. These students will assist the coordinators in their respective duties and hopefully deliver a great job!

Trudy Ste-Croix, our beloved Student Life Animator, introduced the need for student representation in the Academic Council and Sexual Harassment Policy committee of the college. Congress has confidently appointed a few students to sit at these two groups, entrusting that they will do a great job and properly voice out the students’ concerns. Look at that! So many people have been appointed for new, exciting positions this week.

Great news! The currently open café/bistro that is next to the side entrance of the school will begin catering in the Cafeteria, most likely by next week. The small bistro will still be open as an outlet for snacks and desserts. Congress acknowledges that many students have raised concerns about the expensive prices of their products and have already begun taking steps to resolve this issue with them. They’ve agreed to wait for the opening of the cafeteria and see the prices first before taking initiative.

Afterwards, Congress brought up feedback from the welcome-back events — the hot-dogs and the cliff-jumping. Everyone stated that the events went fabulously, and they received no negative comments. I guess we all love cliff-jumping 😊

Finally, Elizabeth Hua, our Coordinator of Social Justice, will be hosting a Fair-Trade Week within the upcoming two weeks. We currently don’t know much about it, but she will definitely release more information soon so look forward to it, everyone!

In other news, Congress has planned their yearly retreat! They will be leaving to a dandy little cottage in the woods next weekend. The second-year members and the new members can have some nice bonding time while partaking in some peaceful birdwatching 😌

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