Marianopolis News, MSU Elections 2018-2019

An Interview with Marysa Sen, by Ousmane Diagne

Elections 2018-2019

Another candidate in the running is Marysa Sen; although she may appear to be shy, this reporter can definitely attest to the fact that once she gets talking, her passion shows through. She is also a first year in the Health Science profile. She has been volunteering at a multitude of events due to her interest in student politics.

One of the main elements of her platform is that of increasing the transparency of Student Congress. She is also pushing for initiatives that promote positivity. Marysa wants to bring positive change to the school during her potential tenure and this is how she chooses to follow this path. Through the week, she has strived to run a positive, policy-focused campaign.

Name recognition is an issue for her, but she hopes that the voters will see her platform for what it is and not simply view the election as a popularity contest. To avoid this, she published her ideas as soon as possible. She is determined to fulfill her promises.

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