Marianopolis News, MSU Elections 2018-2019

An Interview with Elizabeth and Adam, by Logan Stack

Elections 2018-2019

When I asked Elizabeth Hua and Adam Simatos why they wanted the job, they focused on supporting clubs, while pointing to to their extracurricular engagement as proof of their commitment: for Elizabeth, that means being in her 8th year of involvement in student government, alongside being part of as many clubs as possible. “It allows me to have a good insight into what students are actually living and actuall experiencing right now,” she says. For Adam, that means being in MaruMUN and eSports, while pitching himself as the go-to guy who is always happy to help. “I have a lot of care for the idea of the club itself, which was not that was available at my high school,” he adds. They believe that this engagement allows them to represent students with a diversity of interests, while giving them the best understanding of how to improve student life.

Their vision is focused on students’ extracurricular wellbeing, with more reform-minded initiatives that represent a continuation of the direction of the current Congress. Indeed, Adam notes that Congress is doing a good job, and that in particular, “Michael DiGiorgio has been doing a fantastic job dealing with the different issues regarding the IPESA.” His main concern is with the COAC’s reputation, and hopes that it can regain students’ trust.

Elizabeth is soft-spoken, and chooses her words carefully. She is quick to highlight that she has strong leadership skills and that she is well spoken. Her calm demeanour and clear understanding of Congress could be useful, as she explains that in any situation, “it’s important to have good, open communication. In a crisis, it’s essential that you go about it systematically to find the most effective way to solve the problem. For example, for the caf situation, that means providing food until there is a solid solution.” With regards to the HVAC work underway, Adam adds that providing maps and guides as soon as they are made aware of closures would help students adapt.

Upon first glance, Elizabeth and Adam may seem to an odd match; however, Adam says that “there would be no dynamic to run with if we were just a carbon copy of each other.” He explains that the ideas Elizabeth brought forward when running for Coordinator of Charities and Volunteering convinced him to approach her about running as a slate. “We are both passionate about our clubs and about the school,” Elizabeth says. “I love the school, the people, teachers, my program.” Adam adds, “Marianopolis has been life-changing for me,” and notes that he is open-minded and makes an effort to surround himself with people holding a diversity of viewpoints.

While their platform will be fully unveiled on social media, they list off some key points: a cafeteria that is less expensive, more support for clubs, more free food events, improved lounge species and more parties. In order to fund these new initiatives, they pledge to review the budget from top to bottom. When pressed on where they would cut in order to find the additional funds, specifics were initially lacking; however, Adam clarified that they would a) look for external donations, b) search for more cost-effective event venues and c) give less money to clubs with a large carryover, although he stressed that this new process would only be unveiled once they were elected. He pointed to his experience on the prom committee, stating, “I know how to get the most cost-effective solution.”

Many of the candidates that they are running against are friends, but Elizabeth and Adam believe that this will lead to a friendly, policy-focused campaign. Elizabeth speaks positively about her competitors, saying that “Every candidate is solid, everyone can be on Congress. It’s just up to the people to decide.” Indeed, Elizabeth and Adam will spend this week laying out their case for why they deserve your vote, but the final decision rests in your hands.

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