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Congress Weekly – April 20th

Written by Ousmane A. Diagne

Edited by Camille Hamant

Lend me your ears, MSU!

This week’s meeting mainly revolved over a globally adulated topic: food.  Firstly, the Coordinator of External Affairs, David Cao, updated Congress on his dealings with Uber Eats.  After successfully obtaining the promotional code “MARIANOPOLIS”, which grants first-time customers free delivery, in “Phase One”, the partnership will be moving onto “Phase Two”.  This stage will entail getting free delivery for Marianopolis students on all orders exceeding $30.00.  Uber Eats is pulling all the stops to become every Marianopolis student’s favorite delivery app: the company is considering offering free coffee during final season!

Even better news ensured: Congress will be offering free food on Thursday, April 26th.  On May 15th, the last Activity Period of the year, students can pick up a free cone of ice cream (vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and possibly red bean and green tea ice cream!).

The final food – related news is regarding the late cafeteria and its’ smaller replacement.  As the cafeteria closed so abruptly and was for the most part unplanned, Congress will be sending a letter to the administration on behalf of the MSU. This letter will address the many issues that have arisen following the caf’s sudden closure including the lack of transparency on this matter, the problems with using A 107 and A 109 as alternate cafeterias, the ‘last-minute’ approach taken when deciding to open the cafe the Monday of that same week.  A discussion about this new cafeteria alternative followed, and a main concern addressed were the high prices, driving students away in droves.  Similarly, many felt that the café lacked healthy choices, culturally diverse options, snack or breakfast foods, and were disappointed by the meager portions served.

The meeting ended on a food-less note: it was announced that the campaign posters on the rolling board in the alcoves had to be taken down due to a Student Services event that is being held next week.  Finally, Michael Di Giorgio, Coordinator of Student Advocacy, brought up “Autism Awareness”, which you, devoted Marianopolis World Review follower, will hear more about as the MWR team will be publishing an interview on this matter.

PS: Praise the great weather we are having and do not forget to vote!!!

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