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Congress Weekly-November 24th

Written by Wen Xin Shen

Edited by Camille Hamant

There was a special guest at this week’s Congress Meeting! Christian Corno, the Director General of Marianopolis College, came to discuss the school’s strategy plan for next year. He also acknowledged that the suggestions from current and former students, staff members, and teachers are indispensable and crucial.  Mr. Corno will consider all suggestions, and plans on putting the feasible ones into action in the years to come.  Similarly, offering more services and facilities to students will be the top priority.  The budget spend on student services will increase.


Firstly, the school will be attempting to organize co-curricular and cross-curricular activities, instead of extracurricular activities. The board of governors will also cooperate with the Congress and some institutions outside of the school to promote cultural exchanges, which have become some of the most sought-after activities by Marianopolis students these past years.  The college’s faculties proposed organizing a trip to Japan, and several teachers already showed interest in it.  However, whether or not the trip will be considered a course will have to be thoroughly discussed.  Ramiz A. Razzak, the President of the Congress, suggested lowering the prices of these appealing trips or to provide more accessible and available financial aid, as many students pass up on such amazing opportunities, given their hefty price tags.  The Director agreed with Razzak, but he still needs to consult and confirm with the finance department.


Secondly, the school will adopt a more severe stance on barring and preventing sexual assault and violence, drug abuse, and nicotine addiction. There will be a review of the rules and regulations at the College, more details to come.


Thirdly, improving the teaching and laboratory environments of the college is also one of the board’s priorities.  The board is considering a unified design of all classrooms, in support of innovative pedagogy. The classrooms would be better designed to improve student’s learning experience.  The school’s constant construction, part of the HVAC project has surely taken its toll on students and staff; the board is deciding whether future constructions will take place during the semester or during vacations.  Unfortunately, even the first-year students of this year will not be able to see the result of HVAC before their graduation.


Fourthly, the board is wishes to renew its science and social science profile. Furthermore, given the college’s amicable relationship with Concordia University, Marianopolis students will be able to experience facilities at the famous university’s campus! The board will also attempt to organize exchanges with other universities, as suggested by Elizabeth Hua, the Coordinator of Internal Affairs.


The director plans on creating a “student experience community”.  This community will help the board receive students’ concerns, and support the communication of Non-Congress members with the school’s directory.  Linda Zhu, the Coordinator of Social Justice, suggested to open more opportunities for ponderation and to extend the gym’s opening time, as many students have difficulty completing ponderation because of the scheduling conflictions.  Mr. Corno promised find a resolution. Linda also asked for an increase in the budget spent on sports activities and groups.


On another note, the drawstring bags ordered by Neil Cordingley, Member at Large, have finally arrived!  They will be distributed to the students next semester during the first weeks of school.


Next Thursday, November the 30th, is Zen Day!  Do not forget to come to the student lounge from 10:30 to 14:30: there will be massage therapists, tea, healthy snacks, and art! However, the schedule may changes given certain budget issues.  After singing up on the event’s signup sheet, every interested student will receive a seven-minute message.  It is undoubtedly an excellent way to release your stress before the final exams.

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