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Congress Weekly-October 27th

Written by Garin Kassabian

With finals right around the corner, our student body is becoming increasingly stressed – the library is more packed than ever.  Congress has been making sure we get the fun and excitement we need to keep us slightly sane in this period of intense work.


Meghan Couture, the Coordinator of Charities and Volunteering, discussed the Halloween-related events that will take place on campus on October 31st.  Cotton candy will be distributed, courtesy of the Charities and Volunteering committee.  There will also be a haunted house, face-painting, candy, and more!  Stay on the lookout for these goodies!


A vote on MSU Merchandise was held and it’s official: black drawstring bags for everyone!


Most of you are already rather excited about the first party of the semester.  Veronica Rodighiero, the Coordinator of Social Activities, updated the members of Congress on certain details of the aforementioned event:


The venue of the party will most likely be a loft located on St. Catherine street though it has yet to be formally confirmed.  A debate broke out about having a 2 or 3-hour open bar, though such a perk could be quite pricy.  Due to complications, the party has been pushed to the end of the semester.  The event will take place on Saturday, December 16th, to give students some time to rest before starting their own post-exam celebrations, and to respect the traditions of those observing Shabbat.


Linda Zhu, the Coordinator of Social Justice, was intent on assuring that students will remain respectful of others’ cultures.  A Post will be published on the MSU Facebook page to remind students to dress up appropriately on Tuesday and to refrain from wearing costumes that are offensive and insensitive to certain demographics.


Michael Di Giorgio, our Coordinator of Student Advocacy, proposed holding a seminar addressing the IPESA policies and how one would could about appealing grades.  Congress is considering possibly uploading a PowerPoint and handing out informative pamphlets.


The MWR team hopes that students will have fun this week, in spite of impending stress and exams.  And more importantly, we wish you a happy Halloween!




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