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Congress Weekly- October 20th

Written by Wenxin Shen

We had a very special guest at this week’s Congress meeting! Nicholas Salvo, one of the executives of Silver Key, came to discuss further in detail the club’s haunted house. Preparations are well under way! The event will take place take place on Halloween, October 31st at the student lounge during AP. Be sure to stop by to for some seasonal spooks.  Many Congress members will be present, helping with the general organization of the event.


As David Cao, the Coordinator of External Affairs, promised during the Coordinator Debates, he proposed several new, enticing, and more importantly, feasible ideas that would make the student life at Marianopolis College more fun and enjoyable.


Congress ideally plans to give free gym bags to students who have liked the MSU Facebook page. However, this idea has yet to be confirmed as Congress has encountered a problem with its budget. Furthermore, as Congress members have noticed that more and more students are favoring the use of Instagram over other social media platforms, they plan on creating an official Instagram account for MSU. Students will now have the choice of more than one platform for receiving any Congress updates! Finally, David has proposed the idea of weekly free food in Marianopolis, as this activity is very popular at rival CEGEP, Vanier College. However, though the idea is very much appealing, especially to any self-proclaimed ‘Marianopolis foodies’, it may also be impracticable and impossible, given their limited budget available for these events .


Are you interested volunteering at school? If so, there is some news that may excite and interest you! Congress intends on creating a pool of volunteers – the members of this team will be dynamic and enthusiastic students preselected by the Congress. The team will participate and help with any Congress events. The details of this project are still being discussed.


The MSU’s External Affairs Committee is also in the midst of researching the possibilities of organizing a mock ‘Olympic Games’ between CEGEPs. Based on a draft on the potential event, traditional sports will surely be present in the competition.  However, there will also be some nontraditional games including Frisbee and dodgeball. Another event in the works by the Committee in May is an intercollegiate party at the end of the school year.


Finally, the menu of the MSU party hosted in early November organized by the MSU’s Social Activity Committee will be slightly tweaked. Nevertheless, there is nothing to be worried about as Veronica Rodighiero, the Coordinator of Social Activities is handling these details. The price of the tickets and the budget spent on the event will be remain the same. More details to come on this matter, hopefully.

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