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Congress Weekly- September 22nd

Written by Ousmane A. Diagne

Lend me your ears, MSU!


This week’s meeting began with the confirmation of the Committee members, detailed in last week’s Congress Weekly.  The Charities Committee is considering working with the Montreal Children’s Hospital as well as with David’s Tea.  Congress will be ordering gym drawstring bags for the student body; the design has yet to be determined.

Also, you may have been aware of a petition going around school regarding a flexible classroom initiative. This would entail having a single classroom in the college being remodeled to be more accessible to students with varying studying methods.  This classroom would include beanbag chairs, carpeted areas, etc.  Before a decision is made, the pros and cons must be considered; Congress has decided to remain neutral on the matter.

Furthermore, Yiwen, the Cultural Affairs Coordinator, and her Committee are trying to organize a cultural event: Fashion Day.  If all goes according to plan, it should be hosted October 10th, in the Student Lounge.  There may be a reward or prize to promote competitiveness between the cultural clubs.  More information to come in the following weeks. This also relates to Suit Up Day, which Elizabeth, Coordinator of Internal Affairs, will be in charge of.  Students are invited to don their best suits and to post for pictures which will then be uploaded onto the Marianopolis Student Union Page.

Importantly, our beloved Kristen Whitelaw, of Student Services, will be leaving on October 6th.  Despite being a Dawson alumni, she has taken an integral part of both the College and of our hearts.  She will be missed and we, at the Marianopolis World Review, wish her the best on her future endeavors.

Finally, Congress will be purchasing Quicken, a software for tracking money which costs 75$. This system will be purchased every year as a necessary Congress expense that will be passed down to every future VP of Finance.

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