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Congress Weekly September 1st

Lend me your ears, MSU!

This week’s Congress Meeting was cut short, as they had to interview the candidates for the Administrative Assistant position.  Once the first year Congress members are elected or appointed, photos of all the members will soon be uploaded to their website.  At the meeting, the Vice President of Finance, Abhinav Pal, has made it clear that he is answering any questions that students and Club Executives may have regarding financing. In addition, their Facebook page may be used to sponsor events, though Congress will not be sponsoring any personal events you may be planning.  The MSU is not accountable for any mishaps and does not wish to incur liability.  

The members of Congress Committees (Social Justice, Finance etc. ) will be chosen by September 14th.  Congress members may choose anyone, either by an application process or simply by choice.  They will also give a chance to first years to get them involved. Committees are mandated to have at least two Congress members including the member presiding over the committee as well as three non-Congress MSU members, (with the exception of the Social Activities Committee, which requires one additional  Silver Key member).  The VP of Finance will be starting to look at the club budgets, although the money hasn’t been given by the school yet.  

Finally, Moose Camp is coming up!  For new students (and returners alike!) Moose Camp is the perfect occasion to bond with other students by camping on the Marianopolis grounds.  It will be happening September 22nd-23rd this year.  Due to the construction, Moose Camp will not be held on the lawn behind the school like last year, but on another grassy area that has yet to be decided upon. More information is to come.

Thank you for your attention!

Written by MWR executive Ousmane Diagne, edited by the MWR team

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