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Socializing at Marianopolis

Written by Ousmane Diagne

Here we are, once again, at the start of the new school year. Let’s be honest: it is very unlikely that you, a new or returning Marianopolis student, will have the same tight-knit group of friends sitting by your side in every class. The MWR is eager to share with you with tips on how to make new friends and where to make friends around campus in what can be a daunting and stressful environment to some. Keep in mind that others are just as interested in meeting new acquaintances; don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation with your classmates. As long as you keep an open mind about broadening your circle of friends and see your fellow peers as potential friends, any encounter at Marianopolis can become an opportunity to socialize.

Places Around Marianopolis to Meet New People

  1. Class: The classroom is not only the most obvious place, but also probably one of the best places to meet new people, whether it be during group projects, class discussions or simply a casual chat with your neighbor. Before every class, try to strike up a conversation with those around you; a few words can go a long way.
  2. Library: Although the librarians wouldn’t suggest it, the library is in fact quite the place to chat, as long as you do so in the slightly rowdy basement, far from the quiet upper level and main floor. Consider working on group projects or studying for one of your many exams with a friend in the library.
  3. Cafeteria: Marianopolis boasts a large and constantly buzzing cafeteria, ideal for socializing with new friends you have met around campus. If you happen to have nothing to do (we suggest that you cherish those rare and unlikely moments at Marianopolis) the cafeteria is never empty and always a great place to reconvene in between classes.
  4. Metro, Bus, or any Commute to School: Though this one is definitely less conventional and requires a higher level of extraversion than the previous tips, if you notice that someone often takes the bus/metro with you, try speaking to them! It gives you a chance to also have someone to talk to on your potentially dull ride to and from school. It is also possible for you to start a carpooling system with other students in your neighborhood all while killing two birds with one stone: making friends and protecting the environment.
  5. Student Lounge, Study Area in A-100: These rooms, similarly to the cafeteria, are often full throughout the day. As they are places to study or simply to take a break during the day, it is likely that you’ll find someone with similar breaks often there at the same times that you could become friends with.
  6. Social Events at School: The Marianopolis Student Union often organizes fantastic events where you are bound to meet people with similar interests, hobbies, and passions. One of such events is Join-A-Club-Day, occurring every semester, where you can join a multitude of clubs available at Marianopolis Popular clubs include the Marianopolis World Review (Renowned! Engaging! A must-join! Impresses universities!), the Marianopolis Debate Society, Silver Key, Model United Nations, First Aid – the list endless. Feel free to create your own club and have people with similar interests join!
  7. The Gym: If you are a gym-buff (unlike the author of this article) you will be sure to meet similar people at Marianopolis’ gym. For those with less experience, you will likely find others similarly new to the gym that you can learn and work out with. Feel free to teach someone how to properly use the equipment if you have experience at the gym and make a new friend that way.

In sum, hopefully it has been made clear that it is incredibly simple to make friends anywhere around campus as long as you are open to it. However, the MWR understands that some of these tips are intimidating or even embarrassing for some. Go slowly by simply trying to speak to a few people and getting closer to them. A smile and a wave can never hurt and, however nerve-wracking or uncomfortable, it can ultimately be the start of a real friendship.

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