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Platform Recaps – 2017 Presidential and Vice-Presidential Elections

Note: Please keep in mind that while all platforms are presented in slates in this article, voting is done individually for all candidates.

Vincent Ca17389172_1295821270511876_7953880623456679386_ommisano and Tiffany Bombakos

Vincent Cammisano and Tiffany Bombakos are two first year students running together in the MSU 2017 election respectively for the positions of President and Vice-President. Some of the goals outlined by their online platforms as well as some of the comments made at the MWR debate this week include the daily presence of a nurse on the college campus and collaborative work with other colleges for a variety of activities and endeavors. As a team, they plan on making the student lounge a tad more “cozy” with the purchases of couches and other potential changes for the room. Lastly, one of the major concerns outlined by both candidates in their speeches is that students do not feel perfectly free to express themselves. The team, therefore, plans on thinking and implementing initiatives to change the current situation.

Julian Guidote17353136_800893556733756_7232958291072103192_n

Julain Guidote, a second-year student in the music program at Marianopolis College has provided the students with a campaign that is all about enjoying the time we have at Marianopolis. He  is running in this election alone and has thought of many ideas to fulfill the basic message of his campagin, including plans to provide clubs with more funding through the budgets provided every semester, additional loans contingent on bake sales and other club activities or the hosting of other initiatives within the Marianopolis and local communities. This candidate also plans on implementing free food on a weekly basis and therapy dogs as examples of destress methods. He wants to bring forth the idea of 16+ parties in cooperation with other cegeps as well as the accessibility of the auditorium as a zone where students can work and snack in.

Jia R Shao and Ramiz A Razzak

Both Jia and Ramiz are current members of Congress, running respectively for the positions of Vice-President and President in the 2017 MSU Elections. They believe their personal and professional experiences within the Marianopolis community have made them accutely aware of the issues faced by students at the College. An important idea from their platform include better relations with clubs through increased funding, budget revision periods and collaboration opportunities w17359178_191380561357138_290294250699031502_oith Congress. They have also expressed interest in the well-being of students, which they hope to achieve by proposing IPESA reforms and holding college-wide surveys to test interest for student insurance plans. The pair also plans on continuing the idea of Congress transparency that was proposed last year by making documents available to all on Congress’ website, increasing accessibility of Congress office hours and generate awareness for the roles of each member. Ramiz and Jia believe these specific initiatives would help students not heavily involved in student life activities understand who they personally have to talk to regarding any questions they may have. Lastly, the two plan on presenting more ponderation opportunities to the students, to host intercollegiate parties with the Coalition of Anglophone CEGEPs (COAC) and to organize more free activities and free food initiatives.



Written by MWR Executive Véronique Leblanc

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