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Congress Weekly – March 3rd 2017

The last Congress meeting before the March break discussed primarily an issue larger clubs have been facing when making important and large financial transactions. Currently, these clubs rely on one of their executives to be able to make purchases using credit cards. Considering it is not always possible for a club member to be making all the club’s purchases on their account, assuming there is even someone with a card with a large enough limit to support the club’s expenses, Congress has proposed the idea of allowing large club to have their own credit card. These cards would be linked to the MSU’s bank account, ensuring that their purchases not be declined. Due to the substantial business the MSU provides to the bank, these cards should also be free of charge. Congress voted in favor of this proposal. Soon, each major club will be given a credit card for expenses to be charged onto it. This allows these clubs to make purchases in an effective manner. It is also a way for clubs to borrow money without interest from Congress.

The second and last topic of discussion was the end of year party. In 2016, the highly formal event was open only to those 18 years or older. Last year’s party cost the MSU $27 000, which generated a net loss of $7 000 to $9 000, considering all expenses. Once again, Congress is planning to host an equally lavish event, possibly collaborating with other Colleges for the event. The idea of opening the event to all ages was considered, but dismissed when the additional costs and logistics of it was considered. Currently, Congress still has $89 000 of its annual budget remaining, and is expecting to use a fair portion of it to create this event.

Further discussion unfortunately, was cut short by an unexpected fire alarm.

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Written by MWR Writer Bryden Cheong, edited by the MWR team

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