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Congress Weekly – February 17th 2017


This week’s congress meeting led way to discussion on a variety of past and upcoming events.


On March 23rd, there will be an alumni event at the College, much like the event every year. All students are encouraged to attend and meet old students from the College to broaden their horizons. The event will be a pizza dinner after classes.

On a retrospective note, Carnival Week at Marianopolis was a success, although some activities got more attention than others.

The Cabane à Sucre, Spidey and the caricature artists were visited by many students who enjoyed the unique entertainment provided throughout the week.a

Black History Month at the College has been leading the way to multiple activity ideas, such as a gumboots dance show and a live painting graffiti show. Students will soon be made aware of these activities.

The LGBTQ Club at the College has proposed an admirable initiative inspired by McGill’s “party packs”, which are given out at parties and contain things like condoms, toothbrushes, emergency contact information. These Marianopolis “party packs” will be personalized with LGBTQ flair such as pride symbols. Student Services and Congress will be splitting the cost of these, in the hopes of keeping our College’s parties safer!

International Dance week is coming up, giving an opportunity for students to learn some new styles. Multiple clubs have expressed their interest in participating, such as the Hellenic club or Shades of Nubia. These events will take place over the week following March break at Marianopolis.

Gender neutral bathroom signs are currently being requested to the administration of Marianopolis following the proposal submitted by a student at the College. Hopefully, this represents a wonderful step in the direction of acceptance at Marianopolis!

Following many complaints from the College population, Congress will be issuing out a petition about the cafeteria, potentially replacing the current cafeteria company with another one called the “Compass Goup”. To make the change happen, Congress members have proposed campaign ideas such as boycotting or the sale of similar merchandise to go against the current cafeteria. This vote passed unanimously, and all students will be hearing more about this initiative from a committee formed of Congress members shortly.


Written by MWR executive, Véronique Leblanc

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