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Congress Weekly – January 20th 2017

We hope the student body was able to relax and enjoy their breaks from school and are excited to return to Marianopolis for the 2017 Winter semester.

Our team was able to attend the first Congress meeting of the semester, a fruitful meeting that discussed a variety of topics.

First, Mike Tadayon, Coordinator of Social Activities, discussed the outcome of the Christmas party at the College, on that was not as successful as the body had hoped. Only 86 tickets total were sold due to the late arrival of posters, and while the venue was very nice, the lack of a crowd made the party a loss for the budget – a number slightly below 1000$. While this does not represent a significant chunk of the party budget decided upon by the MSU, the low popularity of the Christmas party takes away from the end-of-the-year party budget, an unfortunate outcome.

Next, discussions on Carnival week arose, and a Social Justice event as well as Spidey may be events that come up during this time at Marianopolis – the week from the 13th to the 17th of February.

Additionally, financial discussions took place regarding the new system that will be used to deliver money to club executives and store the money these same groups deliver to the MSU for safe-keeping. While no final system has been discussed thus far, Congress will have to purchase safes that will be used for storage.

The director of communications on Congress was asked about the website that is in the works – a platform that has the potential of truly enhancing the experience of club executives and students. Currently, the skeleton of the website is complete, but the actual content has not been discussed yet. Hopefully, we will be able to see this website publicly before the end of the school year.

Similarly, the MSU has yet to see the appearance of its new logo. Apparently, the logo contest did not generate any interesting designs, which is pushing Congress to hire someone to do it professionally. While the costs are fairly elevated, Congress is set on differentiating themselves from the Marianopolis administration – and this would be a considerable step in that direction.

Di Iorio, Vice President and Congress member responsible for Clubs at the college, has issued out a survey over the past few weeks to acquire comments on which she can improve. Interestingly, many club executives have expressed interest in more collaborations with other clubs. To solve this issue, a list of the names of executives will hopefully be made available to facilitate communication between clubs.

Next, while the elections may feel like they just happened for second year students at the College, the 2017 elections for Congress are approaching quickly. The timeline of the events, campaigning periods and MWR debates were discussed and will be announced shortly.

On the topic of the elections, the ERC committee composition was mentioned, a topic that has come up before in Congress Weeklys. The decision to make the ERC composed entirely of non-Congress members with a Congress member as a chair – without voting rights- was taken. These ERC members will apply for the position and will be picked in a draw to ensure that there is no bias in their selection.


Staff appreciation day was also discussed, a day that require Congress budget and that was created to showcase the appreciation students and Congress has for the staff at the College. No final plans were introduced, but the discussion of the intensity of funding that will be allocated to this day did take place.

Lastly, in less positive news, Coordinator of Student Advocacy Julian Guidote has resigned from Congress due to personal reasons. Out of respect for the old member, the Congress body will be keeping the position open and will be splitting Julian’s past responsibilities among themselves.

We hope all of you are excited to start classes again, and wish you the best of luck for this new semester at Marianopolis!

Written by MWR Executive Véronique Leblanc

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