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Congress Weekly – November 18th 2016

Another week has passed and with it, another Congress meeting and another MWR piece covering it. This week’s meeting was fairly tame relative to others. The main points of discussion were catalyzed by a survey that Congress wishes to release to the student body in regards to how the MSU perceives Congress, the organization of a Mari’s holiday party, the renewal of the school’s ACF license and the filling of the empty spot on the Plan for Success Advisory Board.

By far the greatest amount of discussion surrounded the survey that Congress wishes to release to the student body. The pre-emptive survey’s questions seek to broadly poll the Union regarding their attitude towards their governing body. Congress wishes to see how accessible they are to the students that they serve and to what extent. Other questions were designed to see how students felt about appointed positions. As many of you probably know, there are several spots on Congress that are occupied by students that have been appointed. The student government wishes, through these questions, to ensure that students come to the same conclusion as they have to justify the appointment of certain positions: that it is necessary to truly pick the most qualified individuals, something that elections could potentially not assess. The final question will most likely ask the opinion of students regarding the search for a Congress employee. This question was ultimately stricken from the survey given the complex nature of it. Before asking if students want Congress to hire an employee for themselves, they must be informed as to the duty of this employee. How many hours would s/he work? How much would his/her salary be? Where will the money come from? These questions must be answered in greater detail so as to give students a fair amount of information before they answer the proposed question. Ultimately, Congress will have a finalized version of the survey out by the end of this week.

On a much jollier note, the annual Marianopolis holiday party is approaching and Mike Tadayon, Coordinator of Social Activities, brought the details to Congress. “MariXmas” (Congress is open to better name suggestions) will take place at LeCinq and will only accessible to people who are 18+. The organizational elements of the party are still vague, but Mike is looking for somebody to come up with poster and graphic design ideas as well as any DJ recommendations (preferably a Mari student).

Other elements of the Congress meeting involved sorting through a few bureaucratic issues, like the renewal of the ACF licences and the Plan for Success Advisory Board spot that recently opened up. An ACF license is what allows an institution to play a broad array of movies for larger crowds for the sheer purpose of entertainment. Without it, the school could probably get sued for a lot of money for a simple showing of something as harmless as Jumanji. The MSU’s license is expiring and the decision was made to spend approximately $1000 to renew it. Similarly, filling the open position on the Plan for Success Advisory Board was also solved in a relatively simple manner. A secret ballot vote took place and of the three candidates (Lucas Szwarcberg, Anthony Koch and Julian Guidote), Lucas was appointed to the Board. His responsibilities will involve setting the priorities of Plan for Success, an in-school organization to help students struggling with their academics, and acting as a liaison between the Board and other college institutions.

That concludes another riveting Congress meeting and hopefully a similarly riveting MWR article. With that, I would like to wish all Marianopolis great success in their studies during this final examination period.


Written by MWR writer Michael Di Giorgio, edited by the MWR team

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