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A hauntingly beautiful depiction of Mental Health by artist Shawn Coss

Shawn Cross - Munchausen By Proxy
Shawn Coss – Munchausen By Proxy

As some students may be aware of, Inktober is a tradition among the artist community on the Internet that asks artists to create ink sketches and pieces of art everyday for the month of October. Coinciding with Mental Health Awareness month, Ohio-based artist Shawn Coss decided to mash up the two themes and create an ink drawing everyday of the month focusing on a different mental health issue. The results have been incredibly well-received, and deeply touching for those of us that have experienced any of these illnesses.

The artist has almost finished his month of drawings, with works ranging from panic disorder, to depression, all the way to Munchausen by proxy. The first thing that immediately drew me to these drawings was simply the physical aspect of them. Mental is often discarded as something that is simply in people’s heads, and seeing it on paper like that, after what must have been a large amount of research

Shawn Cross - OCD
Shawn Coss – OCD

to fully understand the feelings that result from mental illnesses, makes it feel real.

The artist has developed on what made him do all of this: a simple request from his fans. He has felt very humbled by the amount of people with whom his work has resonated. The drawings just so happen to fit in very well with his usual style: dark, blocky; he always produces works that convey a lot of emotion.

Coss makes a living off his art online, including sales to any individual who wants one of his pieces. The artist has also had a history of responding and communicating with his viewership, something appreciated by many, especially in the context of his work over the past month. He has released statements followed the positive responses thanking everyone and hoping to help in the fight against mental illness.

We will be adding the links to his Facebook Page as well as his personal website for any of you that want to check out more of his work: we highly suggest that you do!


Shawn Coss - Panic Disorder
Shawn Coss – Panic Disorder









Written by MWR Executive Editor Véronique Leblanc

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