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Exclusive: The Complaint Letter Against Vice-President Diana Di Iorio

The Marianopolis World Review has obtained the complaint letter that was submitted with the petition for the impeachment of Diana di Iorio as Vice President of Administrative Affairs, last Friday afternoon. This document, which we have reproduced in its entirety, was written by a coalition of Marianopolis students. We have also published commentary on both sides of the argument.

To MSU Congress members,

The purpose of this letter serves to inform you that the student body is unsatisfied with the current Vice President of Administrative Affairs, Diana Di Iorio, and request her removal from the position.

This year, Congress’ aim is to empower students through action and change. While the members of Congress are tirelessly working on this mission, we believe that Di Iorio has not been effectively fulfilling her role. Attached to this letter, you will find a growing list of members of the Marianopolis student body supporting her impeachment. The students believe that she is not embodying the agent of change needed as this year’s Vice President due to her lack of commitment in regards to any of her promised events, her inability to demonstrate an appropriate level of contribution to Congress, and her not having made herself representative of the entering students of 2016.

Given the fact that this position entails a large sense of responsibility and duty; the students deem it unacceptable that her presence goes unmarked. When inquired on the subject of Vice President of the MSU, most of the student body were shown to be unaware that such a position even existed, let alone know the name or recent contributions of the one supposedly undertaking the current position. We believe that if Di Iorio had the ambition and maturity to carry out her duties, this would not have been the case.

In March 2016, Diana Di Iorio assured the student body that she would carry out her electoral promises, despite their being more suited towards the position of Social Activities coordinator than that of Vice President of Administrative Affairs. Such promises, desired by the student body at the time, have proven to be unrealistic due to the lack of planning, deliverables and concern on Di Iorio’s behalf. Time should not be an issue since Anthony Koch accredited the Student Union within one month of the start of the semester.

Di Iorio has not been thoroughly implicated in congressional activity this semester. Taking into account that her mandate is to be in charge of the Elections Referenda Committee, it is appalling that she was not present during the Coordinator Debates earlier this semester; despite the attendance of the other members of Congress. Thus, she has shown the student body that she is not apt to uphold her mandate.

We have been encouraged, time and time again, to voice our concerns with the purpose of creating a meaningful impact upon the life of our school. We believe in the same philosophy as you and are driven to carry out your mission. We, the students, want to bring positive change to our college. We deem this occurrence impossible while Diana Di Iorio still occupies her position. Therefore, we consider that the best solution to this issue is her resignation as Vice President of Administrative Affairs.

Looking forward to progress,

The Marianopolis Student Union



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