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Congress Weekly – September 30th 2016

Last Friday, a very informative Congress meeting took place.

Following the release of this year’s club budgets, allocations to Congress Coordinators are in discussion for event planning throughout the year. Katarina Stevanovic, Vice-President of Finance, believes that at this time, Coordinators have not had the chance to plan and anticipate enough to accurately estimate the number of funds that will be required for their events that will take place later in the year. As a result, a request-as-you-require system is currently being evaluated so that, throughout the year, Coordinators will be able to request funds to run their events at a later date when required expenses are known.

For the sake of clarity, Congress is also proposing to have a poster board located in a hallway of the school, allowing students to recognize their Congress members, as well as to understand their roles. This will also be incorporated in brochures that will be handed out as part of the rebranding process the soon-to-be-accredited union plans to undergo.

Wanting to reach out more to the student body, Congress has voted in favour of allowing non-Congress members to fill two open positions available for this year on the Academic Council. Concerns about the lack of productivity on this Council in the last year were overwhelmingly voiced. It is therefore clear that the most qualified candidates only will be considered for the position.

The development of MSU’s new website is currently underway. Independent from the Marianopolis domain or Omnivox, they expect to release an operational website a few weeks after the color scheme of the rebranded MSU is decided upon. An open contest for the MSU’s logo design is expected to commence shortly.

Congress additionally addressed the poor state of some of the school’s gender-neutral bathrooms, pointing to the damage that can be evidently seen just when entering them. They plan on encouraging the CEGEP’s administration to add these washrooms to the renovation list.

The Charities and Volunteering Committee will be accepting three new members to its team. Selections are to be made official shortly.

The Cultural Committee is also expected to shift into gear shortly. Currently with two members, and with a required minimum of three members, Congress will likely look to non-Congress members to fill remaining positions, as seems to be a trend with most committees.

Contact sheets are being worked on. Members’ Congress emails, in addition to uniform pictures, are to be added for professionalism.

An STM approval form is currently in the works. Students will be asked to file any complaints against the STM by filling out this form. A petition-like signature form is also in consideration, as it will likely prove to be more efficient in pressuring the STM to act. As a result of the STM’s unwillingness to provide the school with a machine, Congress is also considering providing OPUS-en-ligne machines on campus, allowing students to refill their OPUS cards more conveniently.

A second foosball table is expected to be available in the student lounge this week. The company that provides and maintains the machine at no flat cost will only be collecting 60% of the revenue, allowing Congress to repurpose any leftover income, which is estimated to amount to $10 daily.

Initiative forms have been proposed. They will act as a form allowing students to bring suggestions to Congress. While seemingly useful, concerns surfaced regarding the potentially unnecessary formality to the process, as students currently walk into the Congress room and discuss their suggestions or concerns anyways.

The Harambe Memorial serves today to promote World Animal Day, an awareness and fundraising event to assist animals whose living standards are below satisfactory. As such, this event on October 4th plans to alleviate their struggle.

Finally, there have been some discussions regarding this year’s yearbook. While no decisive conclusion was met, it is known that four thousand dollars have been reserved to fund it. Congress has not yet decided whether they will pursue a yearbook, and are unsure whether they will personally do it or outsource it should they choose to create one.

Written by MWR writer Bryden Cheong, edited by the MWR team


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