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Congress Weekly – October 7th 2016

In the wake of Harambe memorials and New York bus breakdowns, Congress continues its work for the student body.


Last Year’s Event Poster

Halloween is fast approaching and this month, Congress and Silver Key have partnered in the annual Halloween Haunted House event at Marianopolis. to be held on Monday, October 31 in the Student Lounge, preparations for the event will begin the Friday before, involving both Congress and Silver Key members. While the theme is still to be determined, the likelihood of a costume competition is high and it is safe to say that any theme chosen will reflect current trends. Student safety is a high priority, and the administration would like to remind the student body that there will be no grabbing or touching within the “haunted house”. While safety measures will not be extreme, student discretion is also advised.


Readers may also be aware of World Animal Day and the Harambe memorial organized by our Coordinator of Charities and14479802_1264225446941494_8551707647413771177_n Volunteering Jia R. Shao. Held on October 4th, the memorial was a smashing success, and a killing revenue of $182.25 was earned. In addition, Breast Cancer Awareness Day was able to raise a total of $209.00 from cotton candy sales. Pink chokers priced at $5 are also on their way, so be sure to look out for this new sale!


Future plans for the month of November were also discussed, with our Charities Coordinator proposing a number of events related to Movember. Awareness for our armed forces and veterans will be promoted, with plans for treasure hunts, shaving kits and a partnership with the Urban Art club in the works. Further details on the progress of these upcoming events will be available soon.


Congress budgeting decisions have also been finalized. Among members who received a budget, Coordinator of External Affairs Joseph Karam has agreed to a budget on demand arrangement. Coordinator of Cultural Affairs, Ramiz A. Razzak, has received a budget of $2,700. Plans for the year will include more involvement with individual clubs and fewer, but bigger and more costly events. Our Coordinator of Communications, Lucas Szwarcberg, has received a budget of $750, and our Coordinator of Social Justice Jiasi Liu has been granted $200. In addition, the Coordinator of Charities and Volunteering Jia R. Shao has been granted $500, while the Coordinator of Student Advocacy Julian Guidote was granted $400. Finally, the largest budget was assigned to our Coordinator of Social Activities Mike Tadayon, with a sum of $11,000. Proposals to split the budget between social activities and parties were also considered, to be resolved in the near future.


Applications for Academic Council and our Cultural Committee have also been considered. Final decisions regarding members will be released very soon to those who applied. Student Advocacy Coordinator Julian Guidote has also announced plans to put up posters concerning student rights and responsibilities that are not only outlined in the IPESA, but in other, lesser-known documents. Rumors of cacti sales for Environmental Awareness Week also arose.


Finally, in a private discussion closed to our media source, discussion of the VP impeachment petition currently going around the College took place. Our publication will be covering the event shortly. Stay tuned!


Enjoying Thanksgiving? The entire MWR team would like to wish you all a very a happy holiday in this brief reprieve before school. Make sure to stuff yourselves in celebration of the end of midterms!


Written by MWR writer Yisen Wang, edited by the MWR team


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