Marianopolis News, MSU Elections 2016-2017

Coordinator Election Debate Results – Exit Polling

After an exciting debate at AP today, our lovely volunteers were able to gather exit polls, and here are the results!

Coordinator of Charities and Volunteering:

  1. Jia Rong Shao
  2. Tiffany Bombakos
  3. Emily Zhu
  4. Ousmane Diagne


Coordinator of External Affairs:

  1. Joseph Karam
  2. Ana Lungu
  3. Alexandre (Ying Qiao) Yang


Coordinator of Cultural Affairs:

  1. Ramiz A. Razzak
  2. Jared-Warden Joseph


The MWR executives would like to stress by how close of a margin the candidate Jia R. Shao is currently leading in her position, while the External Affairs race is quite close as well. We sincerely hope the student body enjoyed the debate, and are excited to see how this election unfolds.

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