MSU Elections 2016-2017

Polling shows slight lead for Anthony Koch, significant number of undecided voters

In the midst of the MSU presidential and vice-presidential election campaign, the Marianopolis World Review conducted on-site polling in order to solicit the preferences of over 150 voters.

For the presidency, Anthony Koch, who published a rebuttal to an open letter criticizing his opposition to the BDS movement this morning, leads the pack with 25.2% of decided voters intending to vote for him. A candidate with a drastically different style, Yiwen Li, follows him tightly with 18.4% of voters intending to support him. However, 35.2% of students were still undecided on their choice at the time of the Review‘s polling, indicating that there is still a large space for candidates to gain a so far unclaimed share of the popular vote. Furthermore, to demonstrate just how close the Presidency race is, the difference between the candidate holding the 2nd place, Yiwen Li, and the one in 5th place is only 2.9% of the votes.

As for the Vice-President position, Diana Di Iorio holds a steady lead at 56.0%, with Grace Li at 23.3%, and 35.9% of students remaining undecided. In certain locations where the polling took place, Diana was leading by a much narrower margin of only a few percentage points, but still swept each of the locations.

In regards to the methodology of this study, members of the Review were conducting systematic polling of MSU members before and during Activity Period in a variety of locations: the alcove on the third floor, the cafeteria, the Student Lounge, as well as the alcove in front of Wayne’s World. This exercise makes no attempt to accurately predict the outcome, but provides notable insight into what has been a most unusual race.

The Review expresses its gratitude to all the MSU members who participated in the polling exercise, and to its volunteers who conducted the survey.


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