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There are two sides to every story.

Editorial Board

Who are we?

Credit to Louis Yoon

The Marianopolis World Review is a student-run newspaper that focuses on debating relevant issues, as well as covering Congress’ actions and activities that occur on campus.

The editorial board consists of amazing writers and reviewers, whose passion for journalism and politics brought them together to create amazing content for the CEGEP students.

Executive team

Four executive members are responsible for managing the newspaper. Each of them has a specific role outlined below.

Bhromor Rahman
As the editor-in-chief, Bhromor is responsible for coordinating all of the branches and setting the overall direction of the newspaper.

Si Wen Shen

Executive of MariNews

Si Wen is the head of MariNews reporters who is responsible for Congress Weekly and keeps the student body informed and engaged.

Daniel Yu

Executive of Opposition

Daniel is coordinating the team of writers who write opinion articles about relevant issues.

Anson Yeh

Executive of reviewers

Anson is managing the team of reviewers who ensure that our newspaper has a stellar writing.