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Recap of Coordinator Debate: External Affairs


Written by Ceylan Borgers & Ricky Liu Candidates Alexandre Ashkir During Tuesday’s debate, it was made clear that Alexandre firmly believes his vast network of connections will allow him to properly fulfill his campaign promises. Alexandre stated on multiple occasions that his past experience …


The New R-Score; A Few Digits Troubling Students All Over!


Written by Logan Stack Yesterday’s R-Score changes shocked and surprised many students. While there have been posts and articles about z-score changes, many of you have lingering questions as university application deadlines approach: did Marianopolis get a bigger boost than other schools, and how …

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Trudeau or Trudon’t?


The Case For (or Against) Our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau: Activist and Visionary Written by MWR Writer Elizabeth Hua Politics is the breeding ground of corruption – a blatant reflection of mistrust, self-servitude, and attempted morality in justice and law. Justin Trudeau stood apart …