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April 2016 Opposition Pieces

The Space Race


Should the space industry turn private? By the Public, for the Public Written by MWR writer Ceylan Borgers Space exploration is a relatively new development in our history. Indeed, the first satellite launched into space was achieved by the Soviet Union in 1957. Since …

April 2016

Political Correctness


Political Correctness and Why It’s Important   Canada and America often like to pride themselves on being the birthplace of freedom, liberty and an integrated and multi-cultural society.  However, do these sentiments extend to all groups within our societies?  Or, are these traits something …

April 2016

Capitalism vs Communism


PRO-CAPITALISM The question of whether capitalism or communism is the best economic system has been repeatedly hailed as the most important economic debate of the 20th century. Though it is clear nowadays that capitalism has won that battle, most people don’t even possess a …

April 2016

Hillary Clinton and Feminism


Fake Hope, Fake Feminism, Fake Presidency If Hillary Clinton is voted president in November, she will be noted down in history as the first-ever female American president. However, is that even relevant at this point, considering her profile? Her becoming president simply isn’t synonymous …