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Author: Rachel Watts

Congress Weekly Marianopolis News

Congress Weekly


Written by Rachel Watts Edited by Camille Hamant Hey MSU!   After another weekly congress meeting, it should come as no surprise to our devoted readers that the discussion revolved yet again around food.  And rejoice!  The ever-generous Congress is blessing us Marianopolites with …

Congress Weekly Marianopolis News

Congress Weekly- April 13th


Written by WenXin Shen Edited by Camille Hamant Hey MSU fellows! Today we had a group of special guests: President/Vice President of Administrative Affairs candidates for 2018-2019 and the members of ERC (Elections and Referenda Committee).  The candidates in the running are: Elizabeth Hua …


The New R-Score; A Few Digits Troubling Students All Over!


Written by Logan Stack Yesterday’s R-Score changes shocked and surprised many students. While there have been posts and articles about z-score changes, many of you have lingering questions as university application deadlines approach: did Marianopolis get a bigger boost than other schools, and how …