Congress Weekly

REFERENDUM, BAGA AND GRADUATION: Congress Weekly – April 23rd 2021

Written by Si Wen Shen
Edited by Bhromor Rahman

Interview with Wayne
The interview with Wayne will be delayed, but Trudy and Adam will also be featured in the video! Look forward to it!

Wellness Kit
Zhaoran has brought forward the idea of providing Wellness Kits that will be distributed during finals, but this initiative still requires approval from the College in order to ensure that all health and safety guidelines are respected. If this proposal is approved, Congress will then make an announcement in the coming weeks.

The kit will include things like a pencil case, squishies, a sticky pad, and other stationary and stress-relief items. 1000 kits will be purchased, each worth 4.50-5$. 

The kits will be available on campus during finals. Students that don’t have in-person finals are still welcome to come on campus and grab one. Tea and coffee (and maybe even boba) will be offered to students during this period as well.

Congress has already sent the results of the in-person finals referendum to the Office of Academic Dean. Laurence will be posting updates about the situation on the MSU Facebook page when Congress receives them. 

As of now, there is not much more that Congress can do, as the referendum is the limit of their scope of action concerning the problem. It is unknown what course of action the OAD will take, but may ask the Math Department about the situation. 

On Thursday April 28th, there will be the biannual GA that will be held online during AP. It is mandatory for each club to have at least 1 executive attending.  A Boba gift card will be given as a prize during the GA. If the word “mandatory” didn’t motivate you, the boba should. 

Student Space Task Force
As stated last week, the Director General would like to have a Student Task Force to review student space and give some ideas for renovations and better ways to use the space. The plan is to make some more renovations using the leftover budget for the Library renovation. The Director General asked for 2 Congress members, one of each year. As Tristan has been planning to create a Green Space for a long time, Congress will likely be sending the current and future Coordinators of Social Justice, Tristan and Emily.

Graduation Updates
Students’ answers to the surveys about graduation have been sent to the College. There has yet to be any concrete updates. 

Next Meeting
The April 23rd meeting was the last official Congress meeting of the school year, though there will be a semi-official non-mandatory meeting held this Friday, before finals weeks.

Si Wen Shen

Si Wen ''Shiya'' Shen is MWR's Editor emeritus of MariNews and one of the most important student journalists of our generation. She covered critical and controversial events that unfolded in the Student Union under her mandate. She was also the President of the Literature club which involved everything anime and pioneered the successful Archive-of-a-Shut-in column. She is currently a 1L Law student at Université de Montréal Faculté de Droit.

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