Congress Weekly

Exciting February Events, COVID-19 Update, and More: Congress Weekly – January 23rd 2021

Written by Camille Zhou
Edited by Bhromor Rahman

Instagram Takeover
That’s a wrap! The MSU Congress Instagram Takeover concluded last Saturday with Allison. Have you enjoyed the questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out to them personally if you have more!

CARE Fundraiser
Allison is ecstatic to announce that the CARE Fundraiser has amassed a grand total of 1100$! Laurence comments that this might be one of the largest fundraisers that Congress has ever undertaken. Don’t miss the premiere of the challenges this Monday, Feb 1st at 8PM! 

February Events
Yu Zheng has some quite exciting events planned for the month of February, starting with a collaboration between Congress and Hallyu! They’ll be offering dance workshops at the beginning of the month, where all students will be welcome to participate and have a fun time learning a short K-Pop choreography! Following that, Cultural Affairs will also be collaborating with MCSA for Lunar New Year through the very infamous Dating Show! Some activities are also in the works for Black History Month!

Update on Winter Elections and Procedures
Congress will be working hard to learn from last semester and make further adjustments to the online winter elections coming up. To maintain fairness, the current first-years in Congress will be learning about the election dates and procedures at the same time as all other students. Concerning concerns from the first-years about possible bias (during interviews) towards current Congress first-year members, Mau answers that she will definitely take note of these concerns. In fact, the newly elected President and Vice-President will also be present at the interviews. Furthermore, the two incombent appointed second-year positions are not occupied by past Congress members, despite applying. For those that would like to know, the appointed second-year positions are Coordinator of Communications (currently Maria) and VP of Finance (currently Emanuel).

SVI Update
After all the blood, sweat, and tears she poured into this initiative, Allison is overjoyed to announce that she recently met with representatives of the CIUSSS West-Central to approve of the Student Volunteer Interpreters project as an official volunteering program incorporated in the Jewish General Hospital. A monumental accomplishment from the part of our hardworking Coordinator of Charities and Volunteering! 

Selling Books on the MSU Facebook Group
The MSU Facebook Group has been especially crowded lately with book selling posts, making it hard to see club posts, especially for Join-A-Club-Day, which was last Friday. Congress has had this debate many times already — the MSU Facebook Group is supposed to be an open space for everyone and they thus cannot implement regulations on it. Congress would still like to encourage the students to redirect to the Omnivox book selling resource, which is there specifically for that purpose. In fact, Anne mentions that she was hesitant about the Omnivox service too at first, but that she tried putting up her book there and it was sold the same day! She finds the Omnivox service more practical, as it is organized by course codes (so you don’t have to scroll forever) and you can put links for pictures. For now, Maria is planning on possibly creating post topics in the group, so that students can at least better select what they want to see.

COVID-19 Update from the College
More restrictions have been set about getting around the College. Students can still come into the College to study — they have to register at reception first — but they won’t be allowed to “explore” the college. Indeed, some doors will be closed to prevent too much walking around. To be able to go study on campus (at Wayne’s World or in the library), all students need to do is to fill out the COVID form on the Marianopolis website, and scan in at the College’s reception. No reservations are needed for now, although that might change if there’s a higher flux of students coming in. 

Tristan brings up the fact that a lot of students don’t use Facebook and thus don’t have access to all the information found on the MSU Facebook Group and other clubs’ pages. He encourages students to download the MSU App. Laurence is working hard with Congress’ Technology Committee to develop notifications and maybe even club pages, but it will probably still take a while as this is no easy feat.

Self-Care Baskets
Tristan is thinking of offering self-care kits to students! However, with the pandemic, delivery options are a bit more complicated. He’s thinking of giving it for free for students who are willing to go pick it up at the school, but implementing a small delivery fee for those who would like to have it delivered to their homes. Trudy adds that this would be a nice way to wrap up the month of February, as Student Services also has plans for wellness month. This could even be merged with the MSU Hoodie pick-up, which Misha is working on. All of this is still in the planning phase, so you’ll have to keep reading our CWs to learn more!

Asking Office of Academic Dean for Message on R-Score
Congress members have been receiving many questions about the Fall 2020 R-Score, which they do not know the answer to, so they discussed what to do about this matter. Congress will reach out to the College administration, and Congress will then provide an update with known details surrounding last semester’s R-score.

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