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Haoyang Wang: Welcome to the rabbit hole!

Written by Haoyang Wang
Edited by Bhromor Rahman

Are you interested in watching cute anime girls doing cute stuff? If you are, you should consider watching Hololive English. Debuting recently, Hololive English is composed of 5 charming members that will make you forget about everything that happened in 2020. Even if you are not into anime girls or virtual YouTubers, you will discover something new that will blow your mind away!

What are virtual YouTubers (vtubers)
Vtubers are basically regular streamers who use an animated avatar (Live2D) instead of showing their face. They play games, sing, chat with the viewers and do other activities like normal streamers. By using 2D models, usually drawn in anime style, they are able to play a character. They represent fictional characters with personalities that would be cringe in real life. This virtual wall makes the character and the person behind it separate. The viewers are attracted by their character and can clearly distinguish it from reality. It is like watching a fictional character you love except that you can interact with the world and the audience.

What is Hololive
There are 2 categories of vtubers: independent and corporate. The members we are interested in today are all part of the same corporation, Hololive. Hololive is an agency created by Cover Corp to manage vtubers. This allows their members to do collaboration streams with other members with relative ease. Also, Hololive guarantees high-quality streams across all their vtubers and a seamless transition when watching other members. Hololive English is their new project to target the American market since none of their member streams in English (there are anglophone members in other branches of Hololive such as Kiryu Coco from HololiveJP and Civia from HololiveCN, but HololiveEN is specifically targeted to a Western audience). 

Hololive English
Now, let me introduce you to the 5 fantastic members of Hololive English (last name, first name): Mori Calliope, Takanashi Kiara, Ninomae Ina’nis, Gawr Gura and Watson Amelia. Debuting on September 12, they are also called Hololive Myth because their characters are based on mythical creatures (except Amelia who is based on John Watson, Sherlock Holmes’ longtime companion and assistant). Each person has a different personality and does different kinds of streams. Every week, they do a collaborative stream with other members of Hololive English. My job here is to describe their respective streams so that you can decide who to watch. Of course, you can watch all of them if you are interested. Without further ado, let’s see what these girls have to offer!

Mori Calliope

Calliope can be described as a tsundere boomer rapper. She can seem cold on the outside, but she sometimes shows a softer side of herself. She gets very emotional when she sees red superchats and crying ensues. Currently, there’s a simp war between Americans and Canadians going on in her streams. Both sides are trying to show their superior simping by donating as much as possible. She struggles to pronounce certain words like “meme”, and she says awkward things such as “I will now show you my body” when showing her full avatar in a shy yet harsh manner. That aside, she’s a very talented singer and rapper. Right now, she has 4 beautiful original songs on her channel. Her streams are very relaxing since most of them are small talk and drawing parties. However, it’s not all chill vibes. She also gives an intense aura at times. Of course, she also plays games. She can play any genre and it’s usually a relaxing time when she plays alone. If you’re interested in this kind of chill stream, you will definitely watch Mori Calliope.

Takanashi Kiara

Kiara is a majestic phoenix who illuminates the world with her energy and positivity. She can somehow hold turkey drumsticks in her hands and play games at the same time. She’s in love with Calliope but always gets rejected and neglected. Kiara is never gonna give you up nor let you down! When watching her stream, it’s a good idea to turn off your brain and just enjoy her cute noises. She might not be the smartest member of Hololive, but her energy and enthusiasm more than make up for her bird brain. She plays mostly RPGs during her streams along with Super Mario and Minecraft. Her singing voice might not be as good as Calliope’s but her voice is definitely unique and worth listening to. If you want to see a chicken struggling in games while speaking with a slight German accent, Takanashi Kiara is here for you!

Ninomae Ina’nis

Ina’nis, a human with tentacles, always works hard. She might look dangerous on the outside, but her soft voice and drawing skills will make you stay. Sometimes, a slow pace and relaxing stream is what you need in your life. Watching some anime girls draw other anime girls is a unique experience on its own. She’s a very talented artist and even drew the promotional art for Hololive English herself. On top of that, Ina’nis will tell you some interesting life stories and tips while drawing. Currently, her most played game is Call of Cthulhu, which is not exactly relaxing. Overall, she’s a very wholesome character and her streams are worth watching if you are interested in life lessons and art.

Gawr Gura

She might seem small, but she’s an apex predator. On the outside, Gura can look defenceless, but she will definitely steal your heart (and empty your wallet) in no time. Gura is by far the most popular member of Hololive English. Famous for her ‘a’, Gura is a super cute little shark that acts in a non-cringy way. Her attempts of acting scary make her seem less and less scary and more and more cute. In fact, she’s the queen of cute noises that will make your depression go away instantly. Her innocence must be protected at all cost. Her simps are called shrimps because she is too pure to know simping. Even when Gura is playing horror games, she is still adorable when she screams. In addition to all these, her singing voice is absolutely angelic. On stream, she mostly plays horror games although she’s an excellent rhythm gamer. She proved her skills by getting multiple full combos on Muse Dash. Gawr Gura is the definition of a cute anime girl doing not-so-cute stuff and if you’re into that, she’s a must-watch.

Watson Amelia

Finally, our last member, the ace detective, Amelia. She may seem smart at first glance with her detective outfit, but as she said herself: “detective brain, more like defective brain”. She’s a typical stream girl but with some extra. Her chaotic nature makes you wonder whether drugs are involved. Unlike other members of Hololive English, she is an epic gamer and mostly plays FPS like Valorant, CSGO and Apex Legends. Like every FPS streamer, Amelia rages a lot when she dies and can be very toxic at times. Her calm BGM in contrast with her action-heavy gameplay makes for a unique and interesting viewing experience. She also makes cute hiccup noises multiple times on stream and unfunny puns to light up the mood. Amelia Watson should be watched by everyone interested in anime girls murdering people while calm music plays in the background.

Editor’s note: How to start watching vtubers?
   If you wonder how to start following a vtuber, the easiest way is to watch short clips. After that, the YouTube algorithm will automatically recommend you more and more until all you see is vtubers. There are also vtubers who stream on Bilibili and Twitch. The best way to get started in the community is with a veteran senpai to guide you such as Haoyang Wang or Kevin Yu. In all likelihood, one or more of your friends is already binging on some anime girl and gave away all their CERB money through superchat. But remember: once you start, there is no way back…

Welcome to the rabbit hole!

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