Congress Weekly

CLUBS, ELECTIONS AND EVENTS: Congress Weekly – August 3rd, 2020

Written by Si Wen Shen
Edited by Bhromor Rahman

This week, Congress has some updates on very important matters. We invite anyone interested in the Fall Elections, club execs, and all students to come take a look. 

Fall Election
Mau proposes to hold the MSU elections from September 7 to September 13, so that the Congress retreat takes place on the weekend of September 19-20. These dates are tentative, but chosen to give first years an opportunity to adjust to CEGEP life. However, the retreat might coincide with the midterms, as it did for some students last year, therefore the dates will be officialized at the next meeting. 

Join-a-Club Day
The date for Join-a-Club Day is (still) to be determined, but it will either be during the weekdays or weekend of the second or third week of September. As previously stated, it will have a component on campus, possibly in classrooms, that will be a longer period of time than past years.
There will also be an online component. Clubs can create a promotional video to introduce their club if so desired. 
All additional information will be sent in the 2020-2021 Marianopolis Club Execs Facebook group once they are decided. 

Hub Registration
All club execs and students interested in creating a club are advised to join the 2020-2021 Marianopolis Club Execs Facebook group, as all information about club execs and club creation will be posted there. The link to the Exec group can be found in the MSU Facebook group. 

MSU Hoodie
The results for the MSU hoodie vote will be revealed soon. Meanwhile, because any clothing with the Marianopolis College brand or logo will need to be approved by the College Communications Office, Misha proposed to change the “Marianopolis College” on the hoodies to “Marianopolis Student Union”. 

Fall Administration Q&A
Congress will reach out to resume weekly Q&A sessions with the College administration throughout the upcoming Fall 2020 semester on questions students might have. 

Social Justice Committee
The SJC wrapped up with the Anti-Racism campaign this week and will be working on the Tell Us Your Story project, where students can anonymously share their experiences with social injustice. Tristan says that only SJC members will have access to the identity and first-hand accounts of submitted experiences to respect the confidentiality of participating students. Some posts may be slightly altered to further protect the identities of all parties involved, and any trigger warnings that apply will also be added. The SJC is aiming to deploy this project for the week of August 17th. 

The SJC will be working in conjunction with the Tech Committee to create a website for Frequently Asked Questions for student wellbeing, where students can anonymously submit questions and receive answers from the school counselors

Welcome Back Event
Plans for the Welcome Back Event are going smoothly. For the scavenger hunt to familiarize new students to the campus, two routes were planned just in case entry into the buildings is not allowed. A Beaver Tails food truck will likely be there. A total of 14 students have signed up to perform at the Welcome Back Event. 

MariMeet is planned to be hosted at Parc Jarry.

Club Advertising at Congress Events
Congress has received questions as to whether clubs are allowed to self-advertise or self-promote at MariMeet and the Welcome Back Event. Trudy Ste-Croix from Student Services answers that theoretically, clubs are not considered active until Join-a-Club Day. Any execs with similar questions should reach out to her or Adam Reider.

Si Wen Shen

Si Wen ''Shiya'' Shen is MWR's Editor emeritus of MariNews and one of the most important student journalists of our generation. She covered critical and controversial events that unfolded in the Student Union under her mandate. She was also the President of the Literature club which involved everything anime and pioneered the successful Archive-of-a-Shut-in column. She is currently a 1L Law student at Université de Montréal Faculté de Droit.

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