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Congress Weekly – February 28, 2020

Written by Mahmuda Sekendra Mahin
Edited by Emma Youhnovska

On February 28th, 2020, the Marianopolis Student Union held its final meeting before the start of Spring Break.
To start the reunion off, Laurence Liang took the stage to discuss several social topics including the composting initiative taken by the MSU and Green Team. He proposed the implementation of composting system on campus, similar to other schools such as Concordia. To support this initiative, he also proposed the creation of an individual website for students from various institutions to offer suggestions on improvements, discussions, and complaints on composting/sustainable issues. The Coordinator of External Affairs suggested dealing with a private composting company and not the city as a solution to smooth out and facilitate the realization of the compost project.

Moving on from the previous topic, Laurence put forward the idea of renewing the traditional COAC Boat Party, originally introduced by the Vanier College Student Association. However, the Vanier representative gave neither a possible ticket price range, nor an approximate of the number of tickets that would be available for Marianopolis students. Furthermore, other MSU members brought up the concern that the COAC Boat Party and Marianopolis End-of-the-Year party, being situated in the same time frame, could, as they have in the past, collide with each other. Our President, Aria Khiabani, concluded that more information will be needed in terms of timing, capacity, ticket prices and other expenses in order to make a decision.

Shifting the focus on recent events, Darya Jabbari debriefed Congress on the recent Black History Month held during Activity Period on Thursday. The attendance was fairly low with approximately 15 to 20 students having attended the event. For upcoming events, our Coordinator of Social Justice suggested that the organizers encourage students to come in, sit, and enjoy by opening the doors and welcoming all those passing by.

Congress then took to discuss la CEVES and its potential requests to the student union. La CEVES wants to hold a traditional strike for climate change, meaning they are not requesting the school close on the Friday of the Transition Week. Congress discussed the possibility of a General Assembly, however, since they have not received a valid petition with 100 signatures or more, no assembly can be organized just yet. Darya Jabbari and Michael Chalkoun, Coordinators of Social Justice and Student Advocacy, respectively, will be holding a meeting soon to further discuss the issue. With the input of Amanda Morrone, Vice-President of Finance, members agreed that monitoring the CEVES’ initiative and the discussions it brings up is important in order to ensure healthy and safe communication between people of different opinions.

Following the latter, Laurence discussed his plans for potential job fair. Trudy and Michael suggested that it is an important element to bring to student life, however due to a heavy timeline and lack of punctuality, it would be risky. Members, including Laurence, agreed that it would be good to hold a job fair at a later time.

Michael Chalkoun then introduced the results of the survey that was presented to students through Omnivox. It is important to note that at least one student from each program at Marianopolis had answered, ensuring an equal perspective to the answers and making it a representative survey. Congress has done an amazing job in its’ outreach since 40% of the student body that answered the survey knew of the presence and workings of the Marianopolis Student Union but not entirely its’ purpose.

Lastly, Andrew, Coordinator of Social Activities, presented the idea of bringing Funky Chris to perform in our school in response to the past success of the Hypnotism show with Spidey.
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