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Congress Weekly – November 22, 2019

Written by Massimo Mazza

Edited by Sophie Zhu


On Friday November 22nd, the weekly Marianopolis Student Union Congressional Meeting took place with the attendance of thirteen congress members. Our faithful representatives discussed about the effectiveness of events held that week, such as the cultural week, the self-love event and the study night. Congress also discussed about plans for the yearbook photos, vow of silence, COAC climate plan, as well as Congress room changes. Special thanks to Zhenling Wang (Stephanie) for saving the day, this article would not exist without her minutes.


After opening procedures, Zhaoran Wu reflected on the effectiveness of the cultural week. According to Zhaoran, the events went very well in general, as both the sushi workshop and the crane project had many participants. However, the fashion show was not successful at all. Wu reported that only four participants were present at the cultural fashion show, far fewer than anticipated.


In-response to the Self-love event held the day prior, Darya Jabbari ably reported that the event was an overall success, although there were some challenges with the leading sponsor. Darya decided to spill the tea on this issue, the local David’s Tea franchise was only able to fill one of the two tanks. As a consequence, the tea quickly ran out and resulted in a massive tea-drought. In order to prevent this kind of situation from reoccurring in the future, Congress will contact sponsors in the morning to remind them to prepare the necessities. The Social Justice Committee took pictures of the event and have subsequently chosen to post pictures of the event on their Instagram account.


Reflecting upon the effectiveness of the study night, Ying Ge along with Congress reported that the atmosphere was pleasant and quiet, participants seemed to have appreciated the efforts of our student government in motivating them to study for their finals. Ying proposes to purchase more snacks and host more study nights in the future.


Following this discussion, Ying Chen opened a discussion about yearbook photos. Congress plans on creating a Google photo album in which clubs can upload photos taken from events that they have hosted. Club executives have previously been informed of this plan, but none has been asked to send anything yet. The emerging giant, the Marianopolis Broadcasting Network and the photography club will also contribute heavily to the gathering of yearbook photos.


Cherry Sun brought up a discussion about organizing a vow of silence. The vow of silence is an event in which participants are pledged to remain silent to support a certain cause, often political in nature. Last time Marianopolis held a vow of silence, the MSU raised $60 for Universal Children’s Day.


In response to the decaying state of our planet, Laurence Liang draws everyone’s attention to the COAC Climate Plan. This plan is a voluntary act organized by Anglophone CEGEP student unions. COAC members need to agree to participate and promote the proposed plan. The COAC plan will encompass various steps of climate change prevention, such as phasing out plastic bottles. The amendments under the COAC plan have yet to be approved by other student unions. For more information regarding the goals and aims of the climate plan, visit your local congress representative in the congress room.


Finally, an arduous debate pertaining to the purchase of coat hangers in the congress room concluded their discussions. Proponents of this purchase argued that the coat hanger would provide high utility at a low price. Even though the debate on this issue was considered as the abeyance of progress and efficiency, the MSU’s sense of accountability was illuminated and subsequently appreciated. Running a student government is an arduous task at times, but through this meeting, our MSU representatives have proved their abiding loyalty and sense-of service towards students at Marianopolis.


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