Congress Weekly, Marianopolis News

Congress Weekly – October 25, 2019

Written by Mahin Sekendra

Edited by Abigail Wolfensohn

Greetings, MSU!

At this week’s Congress meeting, a number of discussions were brought to the table. To start off, members pointed out the success of the recently held General Assembly; an impressive amount of students showed up to it within short notice. This enthusiastic response highlights the students’ interest towards our Constitution.

Aria Khiabani, the president of the MSU, went on to discuss a potential new student insurance plan and determined that it will require more thought and examination before it can be passed. Some members of Congress suggested interesting new ways to increase the visibility of the plan so that it reaches as many students as possible.

Congress then discussed a proposal for a community garden that would involve both students and staff. While this garden is a fresh and innovative idea, people had a number of concerns, namely the feasibility of a garden over the course of a school year primarily in the winter. To determine whether this will be an issue, the school will be doing a trial period with the garden.

Congress also brought up the idea of reducing Marianopolis’s ecological footprint by moving to use reusable plates at bake sales. Like the garden, this initiative will require a trial period in order to test its effectiveness. The idea has been approved by the administration, so more meetings are likely going to be held in the coming weeks in order to further develop it. Both the community garden and reusable plate initiatives show that the students of Marianopolis truly are concerned about the environment, and want to make our world a better place.

On another note, this week’s meeting included updates on the Halloween events that will be occurring during the Activity Periods in the coming week. On Tuesday, there will be a showing of the movie Evil Dead in the student lounge, and bubble tea and candy will be for sale. On Thursday, there will be a Halloween fair all day in the student lounge where – courtesy of a number of clubs – various activities will be taking place. There will be Polaroid picture-taking, candy and chocolate sales, a costume contest, and a tarot card reader, among other things. With this fair, it is impressive to witness Congress unite the diverse clubs with the intention of assuring a fun Halloween for all students.

Finally, Andrew Petrecca-Berthelet, Coordinator of Social Activities, laid out his plan for the end-of-semester party. Tickets will be cheaper than the parties held over the last few years due to the venue costing less; however, the event would only be accessible to students who are 18 years old and above.

As a whole, this week’s meeting was very productive! Stay tuned for future updates.

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