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Congress Weekly – November 15, 2019

Written by Louis Yoon
Edited by Ilinca Maria Cioaba

Study Night

This semester, the MSU Congress is organizing study nights on Thursday evenings. The first study night, which took place a few weeks ago, went very well. However, not many people were aware of the fact that it was happening. In preparation for the upcoming finals, the MSU Congress has decided to book the student lounge from 5pm – 9pm for the next three Thursday evenings (November 21st, November 28th, December 3rd). Congress members will also be reaching out to tutors to see if some of them would be interested to come and help students with their studying. Students are encouraged to spread the word about these fun study nights!

Library Survey

There is another survey happening on Omnivox concerning the Library’s ground floor. It will be open until next Friday, November 22nd, and it is asking for the general student body’s opinion on how they would want the new library ground floor to be designed. Congress members will also visit the Benny’s library to get inspiration on potential design ideas.

Haircut Event

On November 12th, during the Movember event “Get a Free Haircut” organized by Congress in collaboration with the Wilde Cutting Club, 16 students received free haircuts in the student lounge. The haircuts lasted from 20 minutes to an hour. The students were given the best treatment, as if they were at the actual barbershop on Sherbrooke West. All the students who got haircuts loved them, but because some haircuts took longer than expected, not everyone who signed up got the chance to get one. Marianopolis students will therefore get a discount at the Wilde Cutting Club on Tuesdays and Thursdays upon the presentation of their student ID.

End of Semester Party

The marketing for the long awaited End-of-Semester Party will begin soon. The location has been determined to be the OGC St-Ambroise Inc in Griffintown. Congress is currently in the process of debating whether or not they should provide food at the venue. The venue is able to hold over 700 people, but only around 300 are expected to attend. Ticket prices are estimated to be around 15$ – 20$. The party will most likely go from 9:30pm – 2:00am. Tickets will be available both online and at Wayne’s, with a potential early bird discount. Congress is also considering adding a 20% discount on the purchase of 3 tickets. Unfortunately, students under the age of 18 will not be able to attend the party.

Charities and Volunteering Committee

The Charities and Volunteering Committee has recently decided to add a few new members to the group. The committee is still looking for new people who want to be involved. Students are recommended to reach out to Cherry Sun (Ying Sun by MIO) if they are interested.

COAC Climate Proposal

At the last Coalition of Anglophone Colleges (COAC) meeting, Laurence Liang, the Coordinator of External Affairs, presented a list of goals that would help tackle the climate crisis in a joint effort of the English CEGEP community. Eight out of the thirteen members of the committee showed an interest in the proposed climate plan.


During his campaign, Laurence Liang, the Coordinator of External Affairs, promised the student body that he would create more job opportunities. Having kept his promises in mind, he has spent the past few weeks putting together a website that would have “No Experience Required” job postings for Marianopolis students. He plans to reach out to Marianopolis Alumni, as they may be more inclined to provide jobs with this type of criteria. Although the website is still a work in progress, feel free to check it out:

Cultural Week (November 18th – November 22nd)

Coordinator of Cultural Affairs Zhaoran Wu has organized a multitude of activities for the upcoming cultural week. There will be a cultural fair on Tuesday with a multitude of cultural clubs presenting food samples, a Crane and Sushi Workshop on Wednesday, both taking place in the student lounge, and a collaborative show in the auditorium between Hallyu, Hip Hop and the Cultural Affairs Committee during Activity Period.

Zen Day

Student Services and Congress plan to collaborate for the upcoming Zen Day. There will be massage therapists, therapy dogs and healthy snacks available, along with different booths with activities. On December 3rd, Student Services also plans to start distributing “Wellness Kits”. The Wellness Kits will contain sleeping masks, candies, squishies, information on breathing techniques and counselling services. They can also be used as a pencil cases during finals. Student Services plans on adding small things to the Wellness Kits throughout the next year, and encourages students to periodically bring their kits to have the new objects added to them.

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