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Congress Weekly – October 4, 2019

Written by Sarah Malik
Edited by Jasmine Akrivos

Good morning MSU,

This week’s Congress meeting introduced some interesting developments. First and foremost, all committees run by Congress have officially been approved and people who are accepted will receive a message through Omnivox from their respective Congress member. Michael Chalkhoun, Coordinator of Student Advocacy, has finalized the student representative appointments to the Academic Council, a College Committee that improves student academic life. These students will be able to express concerns of the MSU and address pertinent academic issues. The official members of the Academic Council are: Laurel Xiang, Michael Chalkhoun, and Aria Khiabani.

Furthermore, the cafeteria is leading some interesting new initiatives! By the end of this month the cafeteria will be serving more vegetarian options. The cafeteria has also agreed to start composting which is a nice step towards the school being more green. Soon the cafeteria will let students bring their own containers for meals, so if you would like a poutine without paper waste, here is your solution! The cafeteria does however reserve the right to turn away dirty containers in case of food contamination.

Congress has recently implemented “Study Nights” into student life, a new and cool event where students get to stay at school until late to study with friends while eating snacks that are provided. Congress is also looking into tutors being present at the next Study Night. Future Study Nights might be held in a classroom instead of the student lounge. The dates for future events are all posted on the congress Facebook page. Another cool event coming up soon is the Halloween Event on October 22nd. Clubs will have small booths made to share their activities in fun and creative ways, and possibly earn a raise in their funding. On October 24th, there is a Diwali event. On Friday January 31st from 4-6 PM, there is a career day being held at school. Career day is a chance to talk to alumni who are working in various interesting fields and ask them questions about their experience with the goal of perhaps gaining insight on your own personal goals. These events will all be held in the student lounge and all students are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Have a nice week, Marianopolis.

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