Congress Weekly, Marianopolis News

Congress Weekly – August 30, 2019

Written by Jerry Zhu

Edited by Etsub Yifru

Greetings, Marianopolis!

Last Friday, Congress began its weekly meeting with a long presentation of guest attendees. As a friendly introduction to student governance, our Congress executives welcomed the upcoming fall election candidates to attend this second meeting. Upon introducing themselves, each displayed their fair share of charisma; with this, we expect the upcoming election to be an interesting one.

President Aria Khiabani opened the meeting with a post mortem of the club planning session that took place at the student lounge last Thursday evening. All agreed upon its success; one specifically noted that the finance presentation made by Amanda Morrone, Vice-President of Finance, was most successful in its clarity and thoroughness in comparison to previous sessions. Congress believes that this will lead to a better communication with — and management of — clubs.

Andrew Petrecca-Berthelet, the Coordinator of Social Activities, then directed the conversation to the Welcome Back event which took place on August 27 during AP. With regards to hot dogs, supply met its demand, but further emphasis on dietary restriction accommodations will be warranted in next year’s promotion of the event. The Henna Tattoo service, a favourite at the time, ended up being a partial success; although the artist tested a new Henna product that ultimately did not stain, she will be back on the campus later this year to make up for this endearingly understandable mishap.

The Coordinator of Social Justice, Darya Jabbari, proceeded to shed light on a campaign promise that she made during her candidacy for Congress last spring. As an elected member, she is now currently working on installing compost bins for food waste throughout the college. To this end, she hopes to initially implement the system in the cafeteria kitchen, and will be working in conjunction with the Green Team executives over the course of the semester (N.B. For the sake of a greener planet, the cafeteria uses compostable plates and welcomes all students to bring their own mug for hot drinks — through which they may even receive a pleasant discount).

Finally, Mr. Khiabani noted that the next General Assembly will take place on September 19, and will include a review of Congress’ constitutional documents, and some delicious pizza.

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